In fact, both the co-founder and the developer of the studio feel confident. They believe that Path of Exile has only one competitor, and that is the Diablo series from Blizzard.


The latest, Grinding Gear Games from New Zealand, held ExileCon and introduced a lot of plans for the next game. Co-founder Chris Wilson was interviewed at the press conference. He believes that Path of Exile 2 will surpass all ARPG currently on the market. He calls this Path of Exile sequel "next-generation" action RPG, and believes that this game has enough ability to compete with Blizzard's Diablo series. As one of the world's largest game studios, Blizzard has a more professional development team and more budget. The Path of Exile team can always provide players with richer game content.


"Yeah," Wilson said when asked if Path of Exile 2 can compete with Diablo 4. "Path of Exile 2 is one among the next-generation of action role-playing games, and that we feel it's well-positioned there."


Wilson also acknowledged the very fact that Blizzard is one among the largest – and even most well-funded – studios out there. This alone is enough to assist Diablo 4 shine all told development aspects. However, Wilson argued that Path of Exile 2 also has what it takes to compete, especially because of its legacy and the way it's connected to the primary game.


"Any company with lots of cash can make very nice graphics and then on. they need amazing graphics furthermore and a good storyline and then on," Wilson said. "But what we've got here [with Path of Exile 2] is bringing across six or seven years of content including all the POE Currency Buy balance and ecosystem. If you create a brand new game, maybe it's bad? you do not know until you play it. Whereas we all know Path of Exile is sweet, and there are lots of individuals out there who like that."


Of course, Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2 don't seem to be really visiting resolve anytime soon. After all, both of those titles are still removed from getting released. In fact, neither Blizzard nor Grinding Gear Games has committed to a political candidate release date (although rumor has it that Diablo 4 might launch around 2021.)


However, it is too early to talk about these topics, because we may not be able to welcome the official release of POE 2 and Diablo 4 within the expected time. Because of the worldwide pandemic of coronaviruses, various industries have been severely and negatively affected. The developers of Grinding Gear Games had to take the necessary equipment home and carry out development work at home, which meant that the POE 2 beta version originally planned for launch in late 2020 could not be officially released within the expected time. However, according to the information disclosed by Chris in the interview, during the period of postponement of the game release, developers will optimize the game more greatly, and it is likely to add POE 2 to the two new models when PS5 and the next-generation Xbox are released Device support.


At this time, we cannot know the official release dates of POE 2 and Diablo 4, but we can keep looking forward to it. In addition, POE's new challenge league will still be released in June. If you need to kill time, Path of Exile is still one of the best games. Not only that, in order to solve the problems encountered by most players in the new challenge league, MMOAH will continue to provide users with the best POE Currency and POE Items services. Now, you can not only Buy POE Currency for your new character in MMOAH, but also buy any specific POE Items you need.