There is quite a lot of buzz around the Buy Cheap Yeezy 350. In the past few days, photos of a collaboration between an alliance and J Balvin have been exposed, further demonstrating that the brand's profile has great potential. But before we see this shoe on the shelves, Off White will be launched later this week, with two colors that mimic a game shoe in the Jordan Brand archive. Just a few weeks ago, Virgil Abloh (Virgil Abloh) published an IG review, pointing out some more interesting design details. First of all, the sole-with cracks on the entire exterior-is a direct replica of an old shoe. This attention to detail continues to the shape of the upper, and it took the entire team a lot of time to fully grasp this. In other places, Abloh also attaches importance to MJ's signature, choosing different positions in the black and white color scheme to better reflect the way athletes sign in real life.

Although there are still a few months before the spring of 2022, Sneakers2090 sportswear has recently mocked some claims that seem to be destined to experience the aftermath of the winter. The latest style is the children's Nike Blazer, launched in mid-77, with a floral pattern printed on the heel. The upcoming sneakers incorporate white-based collocation in the upper and sole. The side Swoosh shoes of the former also use sparkling silver. Completely different yellow and blue are also mixed and matched through shoelaces and collars, while the ruby color style is through the holes above and the aforementioned floral pattern. The aquatic green gives the Nike Blazer tongue label and upper vitality, and is isolated from the upper part of the shoe. Choose simple "colorless" cosmetics for the soles and soles of the shoes, so that the details of the upper can be fully displayed under the spotlight.

When 2021Sneakers finally retired from the military, fans shed tears and thanked for witnessing the long-awaited return of this fashion icon. Nike also quickly celebrated and paid tribute to the service of the big bang leader with the Air Force No. 1 "Para Noise" cooperative shoes. Now, more than two years later, the brand and the artist have once again worked together to create a brand new sneaker: Kwondo 1. After many teases, this silhouette was revealed in F exclusive makeup. Like the more limited Air Force No. 1 before, the couple wore Swoosh shoes in brighter colors. Green, yellow, blue and pink alternately appeared on the left and right feet, breaking the white and fringed short skirt with Brogger details. In addition, the sole is given a yellowed finish, which is closer to the old-fashioned product.