Madden 22 Roster Update: Ratings are rising for Madden 22 coins four of the biggest names. Madden 22 is ready for the next Roster Update to land, and the player ratings are increasing for four massive names that have already been announced. We've got the complete details on the Madden 22 ratings changes so far, and when they will be added.

Gronkowski's boost is rooted in the 3 points boost to his new 93 rating in Catching , and a six-point leap for his Awareness which gives him a 91 Rating in that area. Terry McLaurin saw his Spectacular Catch improve by one point, resulting in a 92, as did his Catch in Traffic also improved by one point to an 85.

Najee Harris' rating improved mostly due to a two-point leap in his Stiff Arm, taking him to a 88 rating following the incredible stiffness of his arm this week. Derek Carr finally got a 2 point jump in Throw Accuracy Deep to earn him an 87-rated rating. The Throw Under Pressure rating also rose one point, bringing it to 85.

Although we don't know the time of the release from EA, it is possible to examine the time that the first roster update was announced this week. After teasing a number of names through The Checkdown, not unlike how they've done it this time in the past, the complete Madden 22 Ratings and Roster Update was announced at 7pm ET/ 6pm CT.

However, last week , the announcement on Twitter that it was live appeared to be received with a delay as the actual EA Madden 22 Ratings Database wasn't updated yet. The problem could be fixed this week, but regardless we can keep looking for the game to land sometime this evening or in the early hours of buy madden coins tomorrow morning at the earliest.