I am doing the fremmrick trails at present and I am stuck with the peer, but I'm not able to solve the mystery which he has given me: My First is in fish however, not in the ocean. My second is in OSRS gold birds, but they are not trees. The third is in doors. However, not in the hall. My last is in all, but not everything. I've read the sals quest manual, but it doesn’t make sense. Here it is:

Peer The Seer is located just to the southwest of the market. He needs you to complete the puzzle at his house in exchange for his vote. For starters you must open the door and look over the puzzle. Since each person gets an individual problem, you have to solve it on your own, but they're fairly easy. Each line will give you two different words, each with an alphabet in them, which you will need to write out, depending on what the riddle says. Now, go through the door to get on the ladder. Note: The possible answers to this riddle are "fire", 'life",'mage",'mind", time",?tree, and?wind".

I have skeletal wyverns atm for  slayer and i was wondering how you could kill them efficiently. Effectively, you don't spend 50k for each kill, and then run for a replenishment after every kill. I used the exact same method for steel and iron drags (but I switched the to an anti-drag shield instead of buy RS gold the mind-set).