Lamps serve different purposes in our premises, though they are mostly used to improve the ambience of the living room. There are floor lamps, table lamps, tripod lamps, study lamps, and others that are found in different homes. The Packers and Movers in Gandhinagar come across these often when they assist people with a home relocation. As with every item, it all starts with the packing of these lamps. 

  • You can regard these as fragile items that need extra care while being moved. 

  • It’s recommended that you remove the bulb from it and fit a new one at the destination. 

  • Some of these can be disassembled too and this will be done so they can be moved safely. 

The packing, loading and transporting effort for the lamps

If you have the original packing material of these somewhere in the store, it will be useful too. These will be packed into a cardboard box of appropriate size with lots of cushioning material so it doesn’t get damaged on the way. These will usually be packed separately from other goods and the size of the box will depend on the size of the lamp. The laborers will be asked to carry these with care and place them in such a way in the pile of goods in the transport vehicle that the boxes don’t get crushed. The driver of the transport vehicle will take responsibility for the security of this item as they do for all items they are helping move. Apart from Home Shifting in Gandhinagar, these items can also be found while these service providers assist with office shifting and factory shifting. As some managers may have these in their offices for the same reason as they are in the homes of different people.