Amrine Excavation can be described as a five man PVE event, specifically designed for those who have attained level 25. The entry point to this adventure can be found in Windsward. After entering, you must get rid of the Lost and then work your way through a mine shaft. There, you'll fall to the ground from an incline. Go to the right and then take down your Withered Nest at the back left of the room. The nest will continue to be in the same place until you take it down. Then, clear the room following a couple of rounds of Lost mobs, and then open the door at the middle in the area.

 After you have entered the door and cleared the mobs, head to the left side of the platform, including the Lost Ravager. After that, climb to the ramp made of wood. Be aware of the raised stone platforms on the upper and lower platforms. You will need them later. Get rid of all Lost monsters that are on the top platform (grab the lore pages near the ramp that you came across) then leap off the ledge in front of you. You will be able to clear additional Lost mobs, and also an additional Lost Ravager. Below, you will find your final (third) stage. Go through the doorway to the left.

 When you walk through the next hallway , you'll see the stone with Azoth Script placed on it. In the background is another Withered Nest. The spawner must be destroyed, then you can make use of to use the Azoth Staff to translate this stone into the quest update.

 Then, you'll walk along the path towards Broken Vestibule, where you will find another Withered Nest. Eliminate it and eliminate the remainder of the Lost and then go to the next room, where there is the sphere-shaped statue that bears the Ancient Azoth Seal.

 Clean the room and then make use of to use the Azoth Staff to break the seal. This will allow access into the room, and result in a few Poltergeist mobs, lost ones and two nests withered. Remove all Poltergeist as well as the Withered nest, and then any mobs that remain, and then return into the room where you solved your puzzle. Then, in the hallway, the entrance, you'll find the first respawn spot.

 The Grand Traverse - Platform Puzzle

 This is where the platform you have seen before comes into play. Three members of the group will have to stand on a platform. This is the way to bridge that leads to the next room . It will result in the spawning of more lost mobs , including the Ravager and a Plaguegeist. After clearing, cross the bridge to face another Ravager and some Lost.

 Star Shrine

 In the hallway , make sure you stop at Foreman Nakashimas toolbox and grab the Hollowed Candle, you will require for summoning the boss you've been waiting for! Go to the next room and begin eliminating the Lost mobs, including the Plaguegeist and a third Ravager. Now you are ready to start your First boss Fight. Set your Hallowed candle on top of the Spectral Shrine to summon Foreman Nakshima.

 Boss - Foreman Nakashima (Void Poltergeist)

 Foreman Nakashima has two major mechanics that players must know about.

 Spectral Waves - Nakashima creates Walls of Spectral images with gaps between them. Players must stay clear of the waves or avoid gaps to avoid being damaged.

 - Slow Circle Slow Circle Nakashima is a player who is randomly targeted by using the purple AOE which causes a decrease in the speed of movement, making players at risk of Spectral Waves. If a player attempts to move away from the circle but comes into contact with the white edge they'll be shocked.

 The two forces can be combined to cause a lot of damage. Be aware of where you are and, if you are targeted, remain within the circle and attempt to stay clear of the waves of Spectral Energy. You could try to leap or escape from the circle, but it's likely to result in you being shocked and it's better to stay inside.

 When Nakashima is gone, gather the loot (and the lore book to the left) and walk down the right side of the hallway. You will see, yes, another Lost as well as a Withered Nest. Clean the room, then move to the next respawn location and then open the doors (using an Azoth staff) to access the final room of the expedition.

 Obelisk Cavern

 This is where you'll see Simon Grey, the boss of final battle. Simon Grey, surrounded by the Void Sphere as well as several other Lost. Get rid of the Lost and then walk towards the sphere to start the final battle.

 Foreman Nakashima Guide

 The boss in question is the spectral version of the dead Foreman from the team of excavation. The Foreman is similar to the Plaguegeists and Faminegeists however, he has a more purple color. The Foreman makes use of extremely aggressive claws, and also puts players in a magical field, summoning a variety of ghosts to strike the players.

 Boss Info & Mechanics

 HP: Info coming soon

 The Spectral Walls - Nakashima creates a picture of walls made of a variety of Spectres ranging from 3 to 6. The walls swiftly swoop forward, causing damage to any object they strike. The walls are created using different patterns, but there is always at least one space between Spectres that are safe for the players to walk within. Some examples of patterns are:

 4 Spectres with a gap the next Spectre or;

 4 Spectres spread evenly, with gaps in between.

 Magical Trap Nakashima creates an elongated trap that is placed around the player that slows the speed of their movements while they are inside. When they touch the swirling edges of the trap can cause the player to be stunned for a short time. Then, it's back to 2-4 Spectral wall attacks.

 Spectral Scream The Spectral Scream Nakashima is looking up and ramps with an attack. After he is done, he blasts multiple waves of Spectres with diagonal lines.

 Boss Guide

 Nakashima is a very challenging and extremely mobile battle because of the seemingly random wave that Spectral Walls he summons. The walls appear one after the other in rapid succession, and in varying patterns. It is recommended to keep players out of the wall's outer limits until they have an accurate understanding of the patterns. Nakashima can also randomly attack players using his Magical Trap attack, slowing the speed of their movements before afterward, he will launch 4 or 5 Spectral Wall attack. The reduction in movement will make it difficult to move, however, the distance between Spectres is greater than the normal. It is possible for players to attempt to jump over the trap's edge however this is not generally advised as it is very likely to be awed by the effect of proximity. Be aware that although Nakashima is able to follow up his traps by putting up to four Spectral Walls however, the trap will remain for around 2 walls, which allows players to escape from the area and stay clear of the other waves.

 The final weapon that Nakashima has in his arsenal is the Spectral Scream which summons waves of Spectres that fly outwards in an arc pattern. It is simple enough to stay clear of, but it could be a problem if it is combined with Spectral Walls so be careful. In addition to his special attack, Nakashima will employ very strong, extremely aggressive claws to strike his targets. It is recommended to possess an AoE healing capability and other capabilities that cause harm while the player is moving, such as bleeding effects or the Ice Gauntlet's Pylon ability. In the end, you'll be able reduce him to a minimum and eliminate the guy for good. When Nakashima is defeated, search for an open chest to the left , allowing you to collect additional loot in addition to the bag of loot he leaves.

 Second Segment Walkthrough

 Goal: Locate what is left from Simon Grey.

 After removing Nakashima then head to the left part to the right of the shrine. There are a few zombies in this area if you have not cleared prior to defeating Nakashima is the best way to unlock the door. Inside, there's an Ravager waiting to be defeated. Get him out of the hallway and take him down. The next room has another mob made up of a Faminegeist to the left, and an Nest with Punishers to the right. Similar to the previous room, you must take away the Nest first, and then deal on the other enemies. Go down the hall opposite the Nest and take on the Plaguegeist and zombies before opening the door.

 This is the last area in the Expedition and in the middle of the room, encased inside an energy bubble of sorts can be Simon Grey, transformed into the form of a Ravager. Simon Grey is the last leader of the expedition. Before you engage Simon, it is crucial to eliminate the zombies that are residing on the edges in the area. Utilize ranged attacks to draw them out of Simon's reach. It is not advisable to confront the boss while the mob is still in motion.

 Simon Grey Boss Guide

 Simon Grey appears to have given in to the Corruption and transformed into a massive ogre. Simon is a huge Ravager who is more than the average adventurer. Like Ravagers Simon, he swathes players and uses massive, powerful attacks that knock down or even stun the targets. He also summons those of his dead employees, and empower them with his disgusting corruption.

 Boss Info & Mechanics

 HP: Info coming soon

 Charge - Like the typical Ravager attack, Simon dashes towards a player and inflicts damage on all things in his route. Avoid or block in the final second to minimize or prevent the damage completely.

 Bash The Bash Simon is able to rear up and slams his hands together in the direction of. If not blocked, this power can stun the target for several seconds, while also dealing massive damage.

 Summon Workers - Summons 2 to 3 Star Excavation Workers to aid him in combat. They appear to work similarly to Punishers by using swift and aggressive claw swipes. They are able to be empowered through the consumption of the sludge that has been corrupted which Simon throws on the ground.

 Corrupted Sludge - Simon vomits upon a player in the target area with the intention of inflicting damage and applying a poison debuff that has an extended duration, causing damage over the course of. The ability creates an area of corruption on the ground for a time, causing damage , and applying poison's debuff to all players who walk across the ground. In addition, any active Workers are able to sprint over to the pool to absorb it, providing them with more damage for a few minutes. This is evident by an intense red glow surrounding the bodies of the workers.

 Empower - Simon's Empower operates in two ways. After he vomits his sludge that has been corrupted and consuming it, Workers who consume it be empowered for a short period of time. Simon will then run to any workers nearby near death and devour them, giving himself the power. A regenerated Simon does a lot more damage in a matter of minutes.

 Boss Guide

 The fight will test players' ability to handle multiple targets, and separate them from one another. Simon must be spotted by the tank right away and pushed away from the rest of the group since his normal attacks are characterized by an arc of wide that could strike multiple targets in front of him. His Bash is able to deal AoE damage within the area around the impact point. A good tank will be able to reduce or block a lot of Simon's damage , while keeping him from the other players. In addition, you need to ensure that you keep Simon away from the summoned Workers.

 During the battle, Simon will periodically summon three or four workers who will begin to assault players. They can rise in numbers quickly when Simon summons them, therefore be sure to prioritize them prior to returning to causing damage to the boss. The most risky aspect of this battle is the empowerment Simon can grant Simon gives these workers through vomiting on the ground, and then having the workers consume the slime. Simon can then consume the worker, causing them to suffer severely or even killing them and then become empowered by himself. A powerful Simon could be very dangerous to your tank,, so it is necessary to keep a distance between the boss from the adds. This can be done by having at least one additional player in addition to the tank who has a Taunt-enabled ability or simply by making the tank renounce any AoE capabilities while the workers are close to the boss in order to avoid causing threat on the adds. When they are separated, it is crucial that the damage dealers concentrate on the Workers prior to Simon gets a chance to strengthen them or Simon can empower them or.

 Your healer must be extra cautious in the event of an Empower that is successful, either for Simon's Workers as well as Simon himself. They must also be prepared to remove poison from any people affected with Simon's Corrupted Sludge ability. If there isn't any Workers alive The damage dealers must change to Simon and inflict the most damage they can. This is all about adding management and will be in the same pattern throughout the duration. The players should be patient with Simon and make sure that the adds are removed in the shortest time possible. When Simon is gone and the Expedition is completed and you are able to collect your items and items like the Antiquarian's Eyepiece to complete the quest of Seeing Clearly (Expedition). Make sure you check the area at the back for the Heartgem that will allow you to finish the Destiny Unearthed Quest. The objective will be updated and request that you return to the surface to discover the truth behind Simon's work.