The things provided in many areas of New World are mostly the same, but you get them with a certain degree of randomness. Whether it's XP or collection speed or other things, you have a chance to get these rewards. You can't maximize all the content, because their maximum limit is 200 levels. But you can make them according to the actual situation.

Because the early level upgrades are New World Gold very fast, it is a good choice to increase your reputation in the early stage of the game. Then focus on the collection speed and storage, they give you extra space to store, and speed up your collection speed.

It is worth noting that, generally speaking, before you start making higher-level equipment, the transaction and New World Coins production costs are not too bad. Since the initial fee reduction is very small, if you want to use it when you try to make a large number of sales in the future, it is not recommended that you take it and save it now.

If there is no other good thing to choose, then you can choose XP. If you want to enter most areas, first you need to increase the level to at least 10 or so. If you are collecting or performing tasks, they will be added up.

If you want to learn more about New World’s Territory Standings, you can find relevant guides online, because they can help you maximize your reputation rewards and privileges.

In New World, the choice of everything is prioritized. Choosing the right things at the right level will help you quickly improve your overall strength. But all things in the game need to use New World Coins, so accumulating New World Coins is what every player needs to do right now. If you want to get a lot of New World Coins quickly, NewWorldCoins can help you. Their price is always the lowest in the entire network, so it can help players save a lot of money.