The official acknowledgment from the Community Manager on FUT 22 Coins the EA forums makes it clear. According to the mod, the issue is currently being investigated. If all goes well, FIFA Mobile Gullit will be fixed either with the release of a bug-fixing update or with a server-side fix. At present, you can sit back and watch.

The commentator team will talk about your player Career including transfers and loan deals, your debut, and the moment you have established your place in the starting 11.

EA Sports said it's improved the quality of the screenshots from the match in the news that you get upon returning to the hub "in order to make the stories more specific to the experience you had during the match."

We also have additional information regarding Alex Scott's commentaries. The commentary is accessible via the English 'Goal News from Elsewhere’ commentary. Scott provides minute-by-minute updates of matches being played simultaneously. "We're making use of the most advanced technology to ensure that the dialogues between the commentator team and Alex Scott sound as natural as possible," EA Sports said there are interruptions that could occur.

This next-gen game only offers what EA calls "HyperMotion" gameplay. It combines machine learning with 11v11 motion capture in order to buy FIFA 22 Coins improve the speed at which players move during matches and is exclusive to FIFA 22 on PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and Stadia.