Oldak can assure you that Zanik will get better eventually, she just needs some time. You can visit Thaerisk at Falador Castle to OSRS GP learn that Lucien was found. A new island in the wilderness has appeared and it's too risky to teleport to, as there are sure to be antiteleportation spells. This means that you'll have to construct a boat with 14 planks and 200 nails, any type. There is a place to launch your boat near the Rogues Castle. The White Knights will have it there for you, so you can make room for food.

Get on the boat and head to the island's center, in which Hazeel Zemouregal and Enakhra are situated. Lucien will be aware of your presence and will attack to demonstrate to his brethren the new powers he has. Turn off Protect from Magic, or you WILL end up dying. 

When Lucien is half-healthy the cutscene begins. Your prayer stops and you're attacked by Lucien. Suddenly, Summer Bonde from Spirit of Summer will appear to restore your prayer, talking about how you should never lose hope even in the face of danger.

The Mahjarrat group will begin mocking Lucien for being thwarted by the ghost of an eight year old girl. Lucien will target Summer and then send her running. The White Knights will teleport you to the outside and take you away with heavy casualties. Your character will make a comment about how Lucien wasn't as sick as Salarin claimed that he was. Sir Amik Varze, the gnome ambassador will approach him and ask for a meeting with Temple Knights. He will then direct Tiffy Cashien to speak with him.

Visit the Gnome Stronghold and talk to King Narnode. It seems that Brimstail was able to enter Arposandra and witnessed an incredible being. King Narnode is asking you to lead a small group of soldiers into Arposandra to learn what's going on, and ensure that the gnomes are protected from Glouphrie. Aside from that, he would like to know the reason why Glouphrie killed Argento and cheap RuneScape gold the Silver Spirit Tree, before being discovered by Oaknock.