AOL correspondence is the stylish and free dispatch service that was offered by AOL Preliminarily. But, Now AOL correspondence Accounts are part of Verizon communication. AOL Mail is also pronounced by AIM correspondence services. AIM stands for “ AOL Instant Messenger” services. Occasionally stoners face problems while using AOL correspondence on iPhone or Desktop. Some AOL stoners complain that AOL correspondence not working on iPhone. Maximum iPhone druggies face the problem while using AOL on iPhone or desktop. I suggest you communicate AOL correspondence specialized support. You can also try the way given below to fix the problem. If you can’t fix the problem by the following step also communicate AOL dispatch client service.

4 Effective Ways to Fix AOL Mail not working on iPhone

AOL druggies complaining about the issue or analogous bone they're facing on the smartphone. Druggies are unfit to log in to AOL mail account or AOL mail not working on iPhone or desktop. Some guests are facing problems while login AOL mail account or AOL not transferring dispatch or AOL not entering emails. Also, you need to follow the way given below. We explosively recommended you to communicate with AOL client service they will take care of your device and fix the issue. Follow the way if you want to fix Aol not working on iPhone or Android devices.

Method: On and Off Airplane Mode

You need to check that you have a working internet connection. Because if you're getting AOL dispatch is down also the problem is at your end. AOL is internet services and occasionally slow internet or no internet connection can make trouble for you. So, check first you have a working internet connection.

  1. Start Aeroplane mode and out on your iPhone. You can open the control panel by swiping up on the iPhone screen so you can start and off airplane mode. Turn on the airplane mode and after a couple of twinkles turn off airplane mode.
  2. Connect the wifi network and make sure you have strong Wifi available. Else, turn on your internet connection.
  3. Turn on your Data connection. So, you'll start entering and transferring emails from AOL.

Method 2: Not Receiving mails on iPhone? Update Network Settings

If you have tried all the ways given in system 1 and still have the same issue. Also, you need to follow the way mentioned in system 2. Try to reset network settings so you'll fix AOL correspondence down not working on iPhone.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to General
  3. Now, go will reset option
  4. In the Reset option, you can find reset network settings.
  5. This option will reset the wifi network details.

Method3: Remove and Add account again

If you're still facing any issue with AOL correspondence also you need to follow the way given below to fix AOL correspondence not working on iPhone.

Steps to Remove Account from iPhone

  1. Open setting of iPhone, Now go to account and word option.
  2. You'll find a list of words and accounts. Now select the AOL account that you want to remove from the operation. You'll find it in the account and word option.
  3. Now, as soon as you click on the AOL account, you'll enter in a new runner. Click on the Cancel Account option present at the bottom.

Steps to Add AOL correspondence on iPhone

  1. Open settings. go into the Accounts & Watchwords option.
  2. Go in the section of add accounts on iPhone
  3. Subscribe in using your AOL dispatch address and word
  4. Method4: Contact AOL Email Expert

If you tried all of the ways given above and still facing the same problem. Also, you need to call AOL experts so they will check and make changes to the AOL correspondence app. So, AOL correspondence starts working on the iPhone. AOL technicians are available24/7 to help you without any waiting time. We've expert and educated technicians who'll help you to fix the “ AOL correspondence not working on iPhone” issue and other AOL correspondence problems.

AOL Mail Technical Support

AOL Dispatch specialized support platoon has hands-on experience with all kinds of AOL correspondence problems. So, When any AOL stoner connections AOL support also the technician will take care of the request politely and fix the problem with easy and effective result. AOL Support platoon is able to fix any kind of AOL correspondence problem. The platoon is Microsoft certified and endured.

Easily to fix AOL Mail down issues

  • Fully close the AOL Mail app Launch by fully exiting the AOL Mail app, also try opening it again
  • Check for the operation and system updates To check for the AOL Mail operation updates, go to your bias operation store. To overlook the system updates, go to your device’s setting menu.
  • Clear cache data Next you can clear cache/ data via your contrivance’s settings menu. This step removes temp lines to help free up needed space.
  • Uninstall/ Reinstall the AOL Mail Application On choose bias, coming to uninstall and reinstall the AOL Mail operation to help reduce any problems.
  • Renew your Contrivance Resuming your machine will help you refresh the whole device that will stop the useless operations running in the background that may be affecting the prosecution of the other apps. As well as reconnects the internet link.