The best comedy of the year will never lose our attention (this is obviously a concession that many "stupid comedies" have to make). Yes, really. Will Farrell can act like a fool in the name of saving his family; Pakistani boyfriends can tell the most inappropriate 9 / 11 jokes in history; An emerging screenwriter can tell him that he is addicted to instagram's girlfriend's Batman script, and she seduces him in a Catwoman costume. As can be seen from the best movie reviews in 2017, absurdity and quality are inseparable.

Let's face it: this year is not a year of laughter. But to our surprise, some smart people still draw some wisdom from madness. Here, we celebrate movies that make you uncomfortable.

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Disaster artist

Issued on December 8:

Actors: James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Logan, Alison Bree

Director: James Franco (when I was dying)

Highlight: Tommy Weisu is a failed actor and secret millionaire behind the notorious horror cult film room. His performance has no compromise scheme; James Franco's dramatic narration of the strange background story of the film in the disaster artist also has no compromise. Franco has completely become Daniel Day Lewis. Weisu is with his young acting classmate Greg sestro (Dave Franco). They are both in a situation of rigidity, overproduction and melodrama. The plot of the film is astonishing. When Franco's Weisu first came to Los Angeles, he brought inspirational poster wisdom; When he came to the room set for the first day, he mutated into a mixture of masochist Hitchcock and drug addict Ozzy Osbourne; After a quarrel with Greg, Weisu showed the eccentricity of a six-year-old. We laugh most of the time. But the sadness of the disaster artist is sometimes overwhelming. But for Franco, who lives on the edge of the mainstream, his view of Weisu is a clear irony, contrary to all conceivable traditions. "You tore me apart, Lisa!" terrible—— Matt patch


Release date: February 10

Actors: Alison Bree, Dave Franco, Aubrey Praza, John C. Riley

Director: Jeff Baena's life after Beth

Greatness: nuns in little time... Are not good at being nuns. The basic premise here should be just a decent 4-minute sketch, the talent line of murderers, brie cheese, Franco, square, Riley, Kate micucci, Nick offerman, Molly Shannon, Fred armisen, Adam's intimacy, and Gemma kirke - to help find legs in this low-cost, middle-class ages set comedy. Square brings the same crazy ambition as Mike and Dave need wedding dates. If you are not familiar with mikucci's crazy talent, you will be surprised. She's the biggest secret here. She'll make you want to stop. There was a lot of laughter when she and her emotionally unstable companions experimented with the desire and "party" and even witchcraft of a handsome errand servant (Franco). In marginal offensive remarks and blasphemous romantic stories, the little hours still finds time to attack powerful institutions that rely on blind faith. This is a time when the word "disrespect" really fits - it's a pleasant disrespect. In a 90 minute tight time, this song, with its ruthless energy, is a particularly good and strange antidote for any bad week—— Sean Gillard

LEGO Batman movie

Release date: February 10

Actors: will Arnett, Zach galifianakis, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson

Director: Chris Mackay

Highlight: like Lego movie in 2014, Lego Batman movie is also a high sugar film that may damage the brain. The success of LEGO Batman film is due to its more efforts. In addition to being a child friendly, Naked Gun superhero theme prank, director Chris Mackay and his four co writers created a Batman story, which is rooted in the damaged psychology, protected humanity, and deep desire for the role. This Batman has a bat feeling and a bat joke. Will Arnett's serious voice and sharp sarcasm eclipsed Ben Affleck's recent big screen version. Although in the last paragraph, with the warming up of cartoon action scenes, the plot got out of control and was trapped by overemphasis on action scenes like real-life blockbusters, it still succeeded in keeping the wheels of the Batmobile from flying. You can go for a ride—— Dan Jackson