The preseason is always one of the most controversial times of League of Legends. There are players who adore chaos that Riot Games generates with the changes and understand the failures as part of the game for a few weeks in which qualifying items lose relevance. However, there are also those who can not withstand bugs or imbalances. In what we all agree is that it always leaves us memorable moments thanks to the biggest plays or the more absurd bugs.


The fun faults of the new dragons

Errors can be associated with any of the novelties of the game, but two of the most outstanding have been associated with the new dragons. At the rate of one for the Hex tech and another for the Petrochemical, these new neutral monsters are not particularly conflicting, but can lead to surrealistic situations due to certain interactions that were overlooked in the BE by affecting champions not Too popular or reproduce very little consistently.

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The first of those we see in the video seems to affect only Shack once he gets the soul improvement of the dragon Hex tech. An error that generates an extraordinary light show and that allows you to activate additional damage and slowdown almost in each of the blows that apply the boxes of it. A devastating interaction and that in the case of the video ends in four casualties in the blink of an eye on which he did not even have to approach his rivals.

Something easier to believe when being one of the great fears of the League of Legends community since it was announced the effect of the Techno chemical Dragon Soul is the second ruling. Its effect is simple and even if you have not seen it, yet you will have imagined it. Instead of applying the expected effect with a brief period of resurrection before falling definitely, the player simply stays alive returning to normal and without even going through basic.

Both interactions are somewhat exceptional. The first for affecting a very specific circumstance of a champion not too popular and the second for how difficult it is to replicate this bug. Despite everything, it is expected that these problems be eliminated from League of Legends in a next patch that will also improve the current system of rewards by objectives.

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