Black Friday is a colloquial term for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Lots of stores offer highly advertised sales at affordable rates and typically open very early, occasionally as very early as midnight or perhaps on Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday has consistently been the busiest purchasing day of the year in the USA considering that at least 2005.

Leaders SV Contract Trier already allowed on the track on Friday evening for the second time in a row counter. As already against the FM Enters in the week before it was enough even with the SG Mülheim-Kärlich only to a point. The story of the game is quickly told. Hazel opened the scoring after Heinrich edge in the eighth minute lead. Three pointer revolution later resembled Branched on which snagged a supposedly harmless statement presentation. Then the Trier Contract had more of the game. It lacked, however, on the necessary punch in front of goal to kidnap three points. Nevertheless, there is certainly nothing to shake the Trier at the standings.

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Mülheim-Kärlichs moderate success but could have been something too little when looking at the table because the competition scored mostly triple to sixth place. So the Us Koblenz, which was coached against Sportfreunde Eisbachtal pioneered by Michael Stahl. And who saw his team quickly take the lead: One of Mandy into the box trodden kick bounced to Pastor, the flat-hit in the 12th minute to lead. The guests came back quickly: In 20 minutes, the Polar Bear won the ball in midfield, played out precisely by the close-knit Koblenz defensive ranks and Moritz Annabel a penalty lifter to compensate. Eisbachtal tried again and again with a lot of speed, but behind the Us was low but very firm grasp. A quick counterattack led to the winning goal for Koblenz: Captain Mandy pulled a short sprint to midfield, played at just the right moment in the depth on the speedy Suwanee and pushed in one-on-one against goalkeeper shoemaker to 2: 1. Strange: The assistant referee raised the Pass on the scorers only the flag, but referee Arias overruled him. Clear that the guests were outraged, but the hit count. Commented the last five minutes had Koblenz with a man less, Penal saw a second yellow card after an allocate Eisbachtaler free kick from close range, the speed of execution. But the final offensive of sports fans remained without income.

With the same result of FM Enters cemented his place in the top half. Stuffing Cassia Binge the better start, after 5 minutes Mussel gave the visitors the lead, but already two pointers turns out the score 1: 1 with a goal of Keeper. After that recorded Enters a chance plus, but had to wait until the 85th minute, before substitute Hermann after a great pass into the lane to 2: could ask first

double strike and yellow-red

Bayer Leverkusen 'ghost goal' - the most bizarre goal in football? | #BTSport

If at the end of the main round goal difference play a role, the SV Guggenheim would be prepared. 1: On Saturday the team ran over by Annual DDA the second-bottom PSV SALMON on its place by 7. With a header bouncing Kunduz made a beginning in the 10th minute, but at least until the break the game was still relatively open, because after the 2: shortened 2 (41): 0 of Barros racing Stick (27) Besmirch to 1. With another header from Indra scored after 61 minutes, the 3: 1. As Bektasevic seven minutes later with a great shot from distance to 4: 1 and increased Salerooms circulation shortly after a second yellow card saw the preliminary decision had been made. After 81 and 83 minutes in his batting Barros racing sting achieved number two and three this afternoon, Roll put in 89 minutes in the final point.

For FC Beau Weiss Karachi participation is virtually certain at the promotion round because after the 4: 2, the projection is over 1. FC Kaiserslautern II in seventh place already ten points. Against the young devil Guggenheim had to prove a lot of stamina and toughness, because the FCC talents to the goals conceded by Witchery (22) and Easter (45) (61) came up with Stations (56th) and Morale again. But the final phase then was again the blue-white, Lading head (79) and a Sable own goal (85th) scored for the home win.

Also, unwatchable in the top six to Alemannic Waldalgesheim fixed that at bottom TSV Emmelshausen 2: won first Graph (19) and Wider (75th) the early setback of Add (15) turned

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