Fully vaccinated people, including those from different households, can dine together in groups of up to five from Monday (Nov 22), Singapore's COVID-19 multi-ministry task force announced on Saturday.

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The group size limit on social gatherings will also be raised from two to five people, and the cap on household visitors will likewise increase to five, said task force co-chair Gan Kim Yong. 

Speaking at a press conference, Mr Gan said that Singapore’s Stabilisation Phase will end on Nov 21, and the country will return to the Transition Phase. 

“We are now in a better position to further relax the safe management measures,” he added. 

The situation and proportion of severe COVID-19 cases have remained stable, with the week-on-week infection ratio staying at about 1 or lower, said Mr Gan. 

Daily case numbers have fallen to below 3,000 a day on average. Close to 99 per cent have mild or no symptoms and the "vast majority" are recovering at home, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said in a separate press release. 

The proportion of patients who need oxygen supplementation was at 0.8 per cent of total cases in the past 28 days, while 0.2 per cent needed ICU care.