There are 10 cards that players can use on Mut 22 coins their teams, out of 32 available. This list does not include offensive linemen. These cards were evaluated taking into account their impact on the team as well as the value of the coins. Below are the top 10 Ghosts of Madden cards and ranked in order from worst to the best.

With an over-extended play, fake, and an over-extended sprinter, Daniel Jones performs like a Hall of Famer in games. However, Danny Dimes is expensive compared to other elite options. With over 90 speed statistics the player will be able to climb out of his pocket and start first downs with his legs. Players need to be cautious when accepting hits from him. As a passer, Daniel Jones has all of the necessary stats from the 90s and beyond. This card is especially valuable for players with an Giants theme.

The Samoan Field General was truly a legend of buy Madden nfl 22 coins the sport which he played for 13 seasons. The card shows the warrior Seau was when he played. Seau is one of the best linebackers in the game, having 90 speed and 91 acceleration.