Fae Iron is a rare drop when mining ordinary iron ore in New World. It has a very low drop rate, so if you are not prepared, you will not find many such rare drops. You need a better pick and a bunch of potatoes.

According to the brand new MMO game's lore, fae iron is iron "tinged along with a darker, wonderful significance". It is an unusual rate 2 steel used in refining and smelting. You can acquire fae iron in precisely the same way as normal iron: mine an iron vein along with a pickaxe.

New World Iron Ore Location

You may locate Iron in plateau areas on the map, which seems in light brown. You don't require to increase your mining level to compile it, yet it's the only point you can easily unearth up until you reach exploration level ten. At exploration level 25, you uncover the potential to track iron on your in-game map as well as your compass; it looks like a tiny rock.

The very best New World iron ore area for the early video game is a location that neighbors the north aspect of Everfall.

There’s also plenty of iron ore east of the Cutlass Keys settlement.

How to get Fae Iron in New World?

Depending on the Brave New World fansite, you possess no possibility to obtain fae iron from iron blood vessels without boosting an adjective contacted 'mining luck'. Mining luck is a perk that can take place on crafted armor as well as pickaxes. To enhance the possibility of obtaining tools using this perk, use additional Azoth when crafting all of them.

You can also use craft mods to add this perk to a crafted item:

  • Shard of Adderstone grants Reinforced Mining Luck to crafted apparel
  • Starmetal Miner’s Charm grants Mining Luck to crafted pickaxes
  • A chunk of Cobalt grants Adored Mining Luck to crafted amulets

Several types of food also temporarily boost your mining luck. In order of effectiveness, they are:

  • level 1 cooking: Roasted potatoes 
  • level 5 cooking: Herb-roasted potatoes 
  • level 20 cooking: Boiled potatoes
  • level 40 cooking: Poultry with roasted potatoes 
  • level 60 cooking: Salted roasted vegetables 

When you enter New World, you can use the above methods to get Fae Iron. Of course, you can also get more related guides in BUYNEWWORLDCOINS.COM.