Kansas City is not good defensively at the moment. While the Chiefs allowed just 352 yards to the Chargers on Madden 22 coins Sunday, L.A. dropped 30 on them. Justin Herbert and Co. were unable to stop Justin Herbert on the last drive.

K.C. K.C. In the coming six weeks, there'll be plenty of attention from the Titans, Packers and Bills -- all of which have been playing a great offense. The Chiefs are lucky to play three quarters of the NFC East in the same period without having to play the Cowboys. If defense doesn't understand the situation Patrick Mahomes' offensive and his offense will guarantee at the very least a win of 3-3 during that stretch. It's likely that they'll get something similar to 5-1 and that is enough to forget about this division over the next couple of months. The team has flaws however, the rest of the league plays well.

In a word. They're not a complete waste of buy Mut 22 coins talent however, they appear to be in a difficult spot currently. This is the way it goes when you're drafted at the top tier of draft and end up on a team that is not the best. The young signal-callers are facing immense pressure at the beginning of the season.