Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for a short amount of time and reports are indicating it's flying off the shelves at an alarming rate. The Animal Crossing franchise has always been beloved by a large group of Nintendo fans, but this latest entry is seeing an influx of new players from around the globe.

Our Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginner's Guide details everything that you need to know about playing Animal Crossing New Horizons for the first time.

Pay Off Your Initial Debt

Before you actually acquire a house in the game, you will need to spend some time in a tent unless you pay off your debt. For this, we have two guides on how you can quickly pay it off, one by using Nook Miles and one by using Bells. You can check out the guide for your preferred method.

Complete as Many Quests as Possible

Apart from open-world exploration and different activities to keep you busy in the game, you will often come across different quests in the game. Most of these are given by Tom Nook. Some of these also act as tutorials so it is wise that you play some initial quests before you start exploring the island and such. These quests will give you a sense of direction as you play and will help you make your island better and attract more people as well.

Speak with Tom Nook Often

Tom Nook is one person in the village that should be on your must-visit list. As you play the game, you should often go and speak Tom Nook who is always willing to help you. Speak with Tom Nook and choose the option ‘What Should I Do?’ which will help you progress in the main game if you find yourself lost in the beautiful world of Animal Crossing. He will often give you certain things as well which will help you on your journey to speak with him often.

Complete Daily Challenges

These simple tasks are extremely easy to complete and some of them give you really good rewards. These daily challenges found in the Nook Miles app will also grant you double bonuses so you should always try and finish as much of these daily challenges as you can find in the game for double rewards.

Spend Nook Miles on Tickets for Resources

As you cannot drain your own island dry of resources, the best way is to exploit someone else’s island. Simply purchase some Nook Miles Tickets and travel to foreign islands to chop down trees and collect as many resources as possible from there. Every time you travel, the islands are procedurally generated so you have nothing to worry about. Each trip can be a really good one if you strip the island clean of all of its available resources.

Don’t Break the Rocks

I know it’s tempting to eat a piece of fruit and crush a rock – but don’t – you’ll regret it. You see, if you break a rock, it’ll take a full day (a legit 24 hours) to come back and it will spawn somewhere random on your island.

Instead, you’ll want to use a shovel or an axe to hit the rock, without ingesting any fruit. Not only will this prevent the rock from breaking, but it’ll give you multiple items at one time, whereas if you break a rock, it’ll only drop one item. If you’ve already broken a rock or two, don’t worry, just be more mindful in the future.

Catch Fish and Bugs Early On

The very first tools that you get are the fishing rod and the bug catcher. These two will allow you to catch fish and bugs. You can keep them for your own self and even donate them to Tom Nook. If you donate 5 of them to Tom Nook, he will call Blathers to move in on the island. Place his tent down and he will give you access to Shovel and Vaulting Pole which are great tools to have early in the game.

You’ll Be Able to Get Better Tools

Let’s be honest, the toolset you start the game off with sucks, but as with most games, you’ll be able to upgrade your tools as you progress in the game so that they won’t be constantly breaking on you. Thankfully, you can purchase the “Pretty Good Tool Recipe” at the Nook Stop to get a completely new set of tool recipes.

The set can be purchased for 3,000 miles and will give you upgraded recipes for your axe, shovel, net, fishing rod, and watering can. Of course, these new recipes will require more materials to craft, but it’ll definitely be worth it.

Check the Coastline Every Day

As you explore the coastline, once a day you will find a bottle there with a message in them. These messages contain DIY recipes that are required for building new items in the game. Make sure that you check back the coastline every day to find a new bottle. After picking it up, make sure that you open it and read the message to learn the DIY recipe inside it.

Shake Every Tree You See

Shaking trees on the island will net you some fruit however sometimes they will also drop recipes. Apart from this, rarely a wasps’ nest will also fall down which you can catch with your bug net easily and sell them for some money. These are all the starting tips from our side. If you need more help with Animal Crossing New Horizons, Click more guides below or Sell/Buy Acnh Bells