Escape from Tarkov's cultists were suggested on the following maps: Woods, Shoreline, and Customs. On Woods, cultists appear near their painted marked circles. Players should exercise caution, as the cultists are acknowledged to lie in heavy cowl to trap players unaware. On Shoreline, the sunken church inside the swamp is their primary hideout, but it must be pretty clean to EFT Roubles song their motion from the adjoining woods with night vision or thermals. On Customs, the cultists are a bit more crafty, performing near the subterranean extract ZB-1013.

Cultists in Escape from Tarkov ought to no longer be taken lightly. Beyond hiding and waiting to ambush unsuspecting players, their leaders, called Zhrec, carry poison-covered knifes that inflict a difficult-to-remove debuff. If cultists are armed with weapons, they'll be suppressed and typically use Escape from Tarkov's armor-penetrating ammo. Sometimes cultists do not engage, however on occasion they shoot first. In any case, they need to be treated with intense care.