Bobblehead toys are more than just toys that kids love. As time went on, it became more popular with adults. Custom Bobblehead can sometimes be a great answer for casual entertainment, as the kids in you want to experiment with things. In addition to being a great gift option, you can use your junk to joke or have fun with someone. So if you're bored and don't know what to do with Bobbleheads, here are some ideas.

Make fun of the teacher

This trick requires the help of a teacher to make jokes with others. So choose an item that is interesting and unrelated to random jokes. All classmates or classmates must be together for this plan to work. Ask everyone to order a custom headband with the clothes they wear on a regular basis.

Now you have to take responsibility for making the teacher's hat you need to make a joke. When your order is complete, wait for the delivery to arrive. Depending on the order, it may take 3 days to a week or more. When the cargo arrives, plan with a second joke master. Ask him often if he is no longer obsessed with connections.

Place the teacher's head on the table where he always sits. Wait for the teacher to reach a place invisible from the classroom. Place one or two cameras in the room and try to record the teacher's reaction completely. Your teacher will be surprised to see the real person at the table.

Scare roommate

Another successful joke is to scare your friends and roommates. To do this, you need to put some friends on stage and explain everything. Plan to meet at home or call a friend to study in a group. Before doing that, ask all your friends to order a personal composite head in the same outfit they are planning to wear for your home gathering. Once they're done, you'll need to do the same and have the Bobbleheads for the day ready.

When all your friends are wearing hats, make sure you don't see the joking friend at all. Hide it in a safe place. Now start sharing horror stories with each other and make sure your joking friends listen to them with their full attention. In the middle of a storytelling session, immerse yourself in a story in which all the characters in the story become dolls. At the end of the story, ask your friends to bring you some tea or something that will take some time.

Now place the doll where you are sitting and hide in a place that your friends cannot see. Be sure to place your camera in a strategic location to record your friend's reaction when they look back and turn everyone into a doll. It's definitely scary to imagine and a great joke to fool friends / roommates.

Joke at the meeting

If you get angry with a lazy person at work, the best way to make fun of him is to wear a custom hat. Ask all your teammates to make a joke and make a bullet from the photo. They need to customize it according to the clothes they plan to wear on the day the mischief will take place. Keep him informed of the content of the meeting and always remind him of how serious the agenda is. Convince him that refusing to attend a meeting can even cost him his job. This ensures access to the meeting room on the scheduled day.

One hour before the time is announced to the joke, start picking up the hook with your boss while sitting in the center chair. If possible, play a tape of voices discussing urgent agendas to make it a little more realistic. Appropriate voices of people bring lazy people to the meeting room on time. After making adjustments, let the other person know that the meeting has started in a hurry. When they enter the room, they find only debris around. If you have access to it, watch his reaction through a hidden camera or CCTV camera in the room.


So if you want to get the most out of your custom bobbleheads at, this is the way to go. You can make them noise, surprise, surprise, and do everything with these cute Bobbleheads. So why wait? Order your grocery today and start planning your original prank. Remember that jokes should never be malicious. Joke connects people by making memories that can laugh at the stupidity and stupidity of the situation.