When the medical condition of the patient is not stable enough to travel via any commercial means of transport choosing the services provided by a train ambulance could make things easier. The Train Ambulance Service in Patna operating for Falcon Emergency Train Ambulance is considered a life-saving alternative that helps in shifting patients with hospital-like facilities provided inside the air-conditioned train compartment. 

Our medical experts utilize world-class patient monitoring tools on the ICU train ambulance that are vital in making the evacuation process non-troublesome like ECG, Bp, Cvp, SPO2, Pulse, ABP, ventilator, FIO2, IO/chart, Infusion pump, etc. that adds comfort and safety to the evacuation process. We at Train Ambulance in Patna have a paramedic accompanying the patient while in transit to take care of their specific needs.

Falcon Emergency Train Ambulance Service in Ranchi is an Excellent Choice for Transferring Critical Patients

Falcon Emergency Train Ambulance Service in Ranchi famously utilizes a transport ventilator for critical patients along with the availability of cardiac monitors to make the evacuation process safety compliant and comforting. We carry emergency medicines in case of any utilization and ensure the medical team delivers them to the patient during the time of evacuation.

The Falcon Emergency Train Ambulance is one of the leading medical transportation service providers in the country offering pocket-friendly and transparent services to patients without much delay. We render our assistance in the most effective manner taking into consideration the requirements of the ailing individuals. We try every possible means to deliver the best services and facilitate the train ambulance keeping in mind the needs of the patients.