A good client onboarding process can mean the difference between an established long-term partnership or total failure. Average lead times of 14 days, as reported by the Deloitte survey, should be a thing of the past for all companies looking to establish and maintain a long-lasting customer relationship. Instead, instant responses to customer inquiries must be met with quick responses that show you're mindful of their needs and you're willing to do everything in your power to give them the help and support they need at this crucial stage of your business's development and growth.

These three attributes (mentioned in the sentence above)are what we believe to be the most important when it comes to client onboarding with a company like ours. Having a process in place that follows those standards and principles can positively impact your business!

Why a good client onboarding process is important

We drew up 5 business reasons which we deem crucial for a seamless client onboarding process.

1. Demonstrate own value

Begin with the end in mind. Startups are just like baking a cake. You have to start by gathering all of the right ingredients, carefully calculating, measuring, and weighing everything to have all your ingredients precisely where they need to be. Everything must be just right at this stage because if things go wrong, it could throw off the whole recipe, which results in a bad-tasting cake. Ask us how we know! That being said, when it comes to startups, make sure that you don't lose sight of the goal and remember to keep in touch with customers as your startup grows. You get busier – particularly those stuck around from the beginning as they can help shape your product/service into something great!

2. Exceed client expectations

New clients can be hard to win over. They may not like the fact that their personal information or billing information is being collected at a certain stage of their startup journey as they don't have sufficient knowledge on all you're doing and why, so try not to make it all cumbersome because that can affect your reputation in one way or another. The customer experience can be improved by implementing simple and user-friendly processes.

3. Increase efficiency and revenue

It can be hard for insurance agencies to unlock their full business potential to convey this message to their clients. Any company is at its best when it conveys professionalism, so client onboarding processes should follow suit and make good use of digital tools like a customer service software system. A drive for efficiency should also inform every step in how your customers interact with you from beginning to end.

4. Ensure client satisfaction

When directing the purpose of your new business clients' interactions with your company, it is important to use a process that keeps them engaged and helps answer all their questions. Studies show that in the absence of a client loyalty program, it's more likely that clients will become disengaged from using your products or services, which, quite frankly, is not good for you either.

5. Improve regulatory compliance

Lastly, a successful client onboarding process is never-ending. As tempting as it may be to consider this project as complete, there are still more procedures and actions that need to be verified before you can say you're shipshape. However, eliminating the manual steps that make up your painstaking process is an excellent way to streamline what would have otherwise been a haul.

Benefits of a good client onboarding process

The benefits of a good client onboarding process involve considerations that range from reducing expenses like client acquisition and improving employee utilization to raising lead quality and increasing productivity. Regardless of your goals, it's important to consider all elements as positive sides may also carry more than one benefit.

Increase efficiency

● Enhance the process by removing friction and unnecessary touch-points.

● Always stay flexible with the correct set of requirements.

● Decrease costs by increasing efficiency via automation.

Unlock business potential

● Increase scalability of the business by understanding requirements across more jurisdictions.

● Fewer risks and misconduct by understanding the dos and don'ts.

Ensure client satisfaction

● A simple, smooth and seamless process is the equivalent of limited interaction, making for a satisfied client.

● Increase the business's reputation by adding real value through great customer experiences.


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