Coinbase is one of the safest crypto exchanges. People can set up their login account profile quickly and trade safely. But in case you have been cheated on Coinbase then you must know the ways to deal with it. One can report spam on Coinbase via email and via sending a text. To submit the spam report, you are asked to provide the details of the phishing site. In case you have received a phishing email then you need to provide the email header information while reporting the spam. So, if you are also one of them who have been spammed recently then you have visited the right page. Today we are going to discuss the ways to report spam on Coinbase.

Ways to report spam on Coinbase

There are different ways to report spam on Coinbase like you can report spam by visiting the site, via email and phone numbers. The detailed information about these methods are given below:

Way 1: Submit a spam report at Coinbase Security page

If you have been spammed on a malicious site then you can send the URL of the site to Coinbase by visiting the Coinbase security page. If you are not logged in to your account then provide the login details on the login page to complete this process. Don’t forget to share the required details correctly before submitting the report.

Way 2: Report spam via Email

You might receive spam via a malicious link that is included with an email sent to your email account. If you have been cheated via a phishing email then you can report it on login by sending an email to their official email address. Make sure to mention the full address of the email header before sending the email.

Way 3: Report spam via Phone

To stop receiving spam texts to your mobile number, you need to report the phishing SMS that you have received recently. To do so, you should copy the phishing text and paste it into a new message. Then, you need to send it to 7726 (SPAM).


To sum up, many Coinbase users among us have been spammed via malicious suite, email, and text messages. Whenever you realize that you have received spam, you need to report it on Coinbase. For the people who are not aware of the ways to report spam on Coinbase login, we have mentioned clear steps above on this page. Hopefully, you have learned the ways to report spam on the coinbase login site.