New Jordans Release 2021 Rock element blessing! The new color Air Force 1 official image is exposed! Air force 1 was born in 1982 and has been on sale for nearly 40 years. With the introduction of different color schemes, the shoes have always brought more freshness to shoe fans. As one of Nike's best-selling shoes, Air Force 1 has an endless variety of theme colors.
Recently, there is a pair of new color matching Nike Air Force 1 Low inspired by rock music and released the official picture. The upper is made of a mixture of hessian and suede materials, with an inner lining fabric, which has a rich texture and a Peace gesture on the tongue, echoing the theme. The whole pair of shoes is mainly composed of three colors of pure white, red and orange, and the visual effect is very simple. The Swoosh logo on the side is presented with a gold necklace design, and the heel resembles the big mouth pattern of the Rolling Stones Logo, and the rock elements are fully displayed. The Just Do It on the toe appears in a handwritten style, adding details to the whole.
At present, the new Nike Air Force 1 Low is on sale, but unfortunately it is only in WMNS specifications. It may disappoint the male compatriots with larger shoe sizes. The sale price is 88 US dollars. If you like it, please don’t miss it. Please continue to pay attention to us. Follow-up report.
Nike Air Force 1 Low WMNS
Item No.: DQ7656-100