A school health insurance program is an included set of consecutive, in the pipeline, activities, school affiliated techniques and all the services which are made so the maximum psychological, instructional progress, cultural and bodily is promoted. This system is determined by the local neighborhood which is on the basis of the needs of neighborhood, requirements, standards and resources. This system is organized by the staff of a professionals and is also accountable for the quality of program and performance to the community. In more than 60 countries, wellness programs work. Different regional associates and responsive projects of fund are worked by that program.

A number of the places which public wellness applications work in are Africa, China, Central Asia and the Middle East. To ensure that the civil culture gets the skills, data and volume to carry government, these public medical health insurance applications works. Wherever stigma leaves people socially excluded, there community health conditions are intensified. Nowadays the health crisis's international character takes a great commitment at international and national levels. The reactions which are innovative such as malaria, tuberculosis and the international

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