Work and get married in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, live there and start a family. That was the plan my husband Seik Yeu and I had when we got engaged in May 2017.

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But I didn’t foresee that I would leave my job and have to look for another one about a year before we got married. 

I couldn't find anything in KL that was right for me but through a mutual friend, I found a job in Singapore as a tech consultant. 

So I started working here in September 2017, and it turned out really well. Our clients really liked the work we were doing and I also liked my team.

That’s how I came to be living in Singapore for the past three years, and happily married but separated by distance from my husband, Seik Yeu.

The reason why we have a long-distance marriage is that my husband is running his family’s business in KL.

Although the long-term plan is for us to start a family in Singapore, it is more difficult for him to move here because his job requires him to be physically present at the factory. Seik Yeu and I agreed to take things one step at a time.