From vulgar to witty, from smart to stupid, comedy movies on Dogesflix satisfy everyone's taste. Here are the six best comedy movies you can watch on Dogesflix.

Banana sliver

The girl protagonists in banana split do not quarrel over their favorite boys, but become best friends and keep the secret of friendship with a boy who is dating and another boy who has been dating. The film tells how frivolous friendship ties surpass any kind of youth romance. Liana Liberato and co screenwriter Hannah marks have wonderful chemical reactions as the main characters in the film.

Forty year old version

The semi autobiographical debut "the forty year old version" by writer / Director / Star Rada Blanc has caused a great sensation. The film tells the story of a playwright in his late 40s who transformed himself into a rapper. The film is very interesting and honest about age, race and career aspirations, all of which are combined by Blanc's wisdom and personal charm.

Looking for savages

New Zealand director Taika vititi directed the simple and lovely comedy hunting savages before becoming popular in Marvel's film universe with the Raytheon series. This comedy tells the story of a depressed young orphan (prison break star Julian Denison) who absconds with his survivalist adoptive uncle (SAM Neil) when he comes to him in a children's service agency.


Director Christopher guest continues the tradition of his acclaimed pseudo documentaries, including waiting for Guffman and best in show, and tells the story of the eccentric sports mascots gathered together to participate in the annual competition together with Dogesflix's original film mascots. The comedy All-Star lineup includes Jane Lynch, Fred Willard, Chris Dodd and gaster himself. Their funny characters communicate improvised and wisely as they compete for the glory of the mascot.

Python troupe and Holy Grail

The python troupe and the Holy Grail may be the best representative of the British legendary comedy troupe. The comedy brings Python members Graham Chapman, John Chris, Terry Gilliam, Eric ed, Terry Jones and Michael Palin into the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table. As the characters look for the Holy Grail, there are many absurd scenes in this process.


Jim Hansen's beloved plush toys, including frog Kermit, Miss pig, fokie bear, and more, make their films return in the puppet adventure by CO starring and co screenwriter Jason Siegel. Sieger plays a human puppet fan. He starts a task to reunite the puppets and save their theater from being destroyed by evil developers.