If you are thinking of Masonry Services in Nashville a fireplace at your home or in your garden, then you need to check the following points before you commit to or decide upon a particular course of action.



There are a various kinds of Masonry Contractor Nashville TN designs that are available. However, if you wish to give a rustic as well as unique look then a masonry fireplace is the right thing for you. It is constructed from bricks, natural stones or blocks that emulate stone structure. These fireplaces are built outside the house in the yard or near the garden.



You can burn wood logs in a masonry fireplace. Further you can cut on cost of buying wood and avoid the smoke by going in for a fireplace that uses natural gas or propane. Stone fireplaces are very durable. When you are building a masonry fireplace at your home, you should consult with your contractor to find a right place to build it.



The biggest advantage of building a masonry fireplace is that it can be built outside the house and you need not worry about the condition of the home interiors. Further, you will enjoy full freedom in structural design.



When you want to build a Russian masonry fireplace, you need to make a plan before proceeding. The points that you need to consider are:


  • the size of the fireplace
    - dimensions of the opening
    - size of the hearth
    - its depth
    - what support it will get and
    - the size of firebox
    - height of the chimney
    - construction of fireplace mantel shelves


The foundation created for building the masonry fireplace must be a sturdy one so that it can bear the weight of the fireplace. If the foundation is not secure, the fireplace may shift or crack. This may cause damage to the chimney, which ultimately may cause carbon monoxide to be emitted in the house. This is a highly toxic gas. There have been instances of collapse of the chimney due to structural flaws as well.