A new potion in World of Warcraft eliminates one potentially-irritating feature from Embers of Neltharion's new Renown faction, the Niffen.

World of Warcraft added a brand new item inside a recent build from the Public Test Realm that eliminates an annoying feature in the new Niffen race in Patch 10.1, Embers of Neltharion. Though a small addition, this new World of Warcraft item is a great accessibility tool.

The Niffen are a race of mole individuals who live in Zaralek Cavern, the brand-new subterranean zone in Embers of Neltharion. Throughout the story, players will connect to these charming folk because they explore the forgotten secrets of the former Black Dragon Aspect.

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As giant moles, one of the biggest traits of the Niffen is poor eyesight and an exceptional sense of smell. Unfortunately, this can lead to many Niffen characters creating a lot of loud sniffing sounds–a maddening trait with players with misophonia. Luckily, World of Warcraft made a consumable potion known as the New Niffen No-Sniffin’ Tonic. When used, this tonic ensures players don’t hear this sniffing sounds for the following week.

Misophonia is a relatively common chronic condition where certain sounds can trigger strong side effects. This fight-or-flight response can start working when subjected to everyday noises like chewing, yawning, or sniffing. While it might not seem like an issue, this tonic is a useful accessibility tool, particularly if it also works best for other in-game sniffs because the description suggests, like those the Worgen race in WoW occasionally does being an idle animation.

Many World of Warcraft players is going to be glad to determine the New Niffen No-Sniffin’ Tonic once Embers of Neltharion goes survive May 2. The Niffen are a brand new Renown faction in Dragonflight, so fans have to connect to them extensively to earn all their cosmetic and progression rewards, as well as complete the campaign in Patch 10.1. Players with misophonia will be able to earn these rewards without driving themselves mad along the way.

World of Warcraft has historically been excellent with in-game accessibility tools. Several iconic World of Warcraft dungeons like Grimrail Depot and also the Maw of Souls triggered motion sickness with a few players, prompting the roll-out of a special potion to seal off certain animations. Likewise, the accessibility menu keeps getting expanded in Dragonflight, with choices for colorblind mode, mouseover casting, click cast binding, UI scaling, text-to-speech, and much more all put into the game recently. The New Niffen No-Sniffin’ Tonic is simply another way World of Warcraft helps everyone navigate Azeroth more comfortably.

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