Winter Soldier made his first appearance in Captain America 2, a mysterious and powerful assassin. Beneath the power over Hydra, he was told to kill Chip Fury and avoided Captain America from breaking Hydra's Understanding Project. In this movie, Winter Enthusiast showed super shooting skills and battling skills. He's efficient in the using many types of guns and grenades with combat clothes and playing blade tricks beautifully. The metal arm is a symbol of Winter Soldier. Within the battle, Captain America took off Winter Soldier's face mask and found that he knew him, Bucky Barnes, his childhood best friend and comrade during World War II. Bucky became a super-soldier after Hydra's brainwashing and human experiment. When Bucky recovered his storage and felt guilty about what this individual had done before, and then became a member of the Avengers with the invitation of Captain America.
  After Captain America 2 releasing, Winter Solider quickly becomes a popular role, as this guy is so cool! His past experience is painful, and the friendship with Captain America is also very moving. Winter Solider, as a possible minor role, comes with an ultra-high popularity, and costumer who takes on the role could be the focus!
  Let's check out the cosplay costumes that you need to try out this cold assassin Winter Soldier.
First of all, you need the indispensable long sleeve shirt. This clothing is constructed of skin-friendly and comfortable materials. The particular high collar round the neck can completely link with the mask. Worried about lacking the steel pinky finger? It's no problem! The left sleeve of the shirt has been designed to look like a metal provide to solve the situation flawlessly for you! You don't have to buy stage sets anymore. It's just so simple and practical!
And you need an underwaist, made of leather and the belt on the upper body and back is built to restore the appearance of the role in the film perfectly, matching the shirt perfectly.
  Black pants are overalls, loose design can help you pose easily. Thigh front has two durable pockets, and two behind, very functional. The use of wear-resistant materials and high-skilled sewing technology cause you to don't be concerned about the condition of cracking in wear.
As a super-soldier, how can you lose straps and belts that hang your weapons? This set of outfit straps are designed with chest belt buckle design for easy to wear and remove. Remember when Winter Soldier pulled a spherical bomb out of his belt pocket in film production company? This belt comes with three small pockets, two in the front, one in the back, in the daily activities can be filled with small things, very practical. And adjustment buckles on the belt, not worrying about the size of the problem.
  There's one scene that Winter Enthusiast was dumped from the car, glided and stopped on the road with metal arms and knees. This amazing action was picked as photographic pose by many cosers. Although Winter Jewellry is a super soldier, but mitts and knee parts are indispensable. Mitts use magic stickers, easy to put on. Finger parts are created as half fingers and exposed metal fingertips, corresponding left sleeve of the clothing metal arm design. With elastic additional to knee parts, you don't need to worry about the problem of pads' falling from your legs.
  Finally the mask, as one of the symbols of Winter Jewellry, the source of mystery. The 3d version fits the face, and may not affect your inhaling and exhaling.
What about the shoes? Don't worry! This set of costume also includes a boot-like cover, which can become a couple of strapped high boots without being concerned about how big the shoe by wearing any pair of black shoes.
The above is the research of Winter Jewellry equipment. Surf the cosplay costumes store to see more information and pictures. The costumes here are of quality. Put on this costume and play the perfect Winter Soldier!