They are incredible... they are able to OSRS gold freeze you as well as even farcast... PLZ GO and get some tips on how to can beat these things if POSSIBLE... i enjoy rev hunting .... but i didn't think they would be as good. Is it possible to kill a monster that isn't 20 levels below you?

Okay, the majority of my items were stolen and I had to sell everything and I have 2.6mil. I would like to buy new armour and a whip, and would like your suggestions. I'm not looking for barrows as I don't want to have it replaced every couple of hours.

It will cost me about 2.3mil, but I have a maximum of 3mil. I can spend more so I was considering something other than legs and a runeplate. Perhaps the dragon skirt. I'm not sure what to get to put on the plate.

The torso is the most "free" body part in the game. The sweet str bonus is irresistible, So you should really go get it, soon ... Kill cyclopses in warrior guild and work your way to a rune defender, Earn tokens by buy RuneScape Mobile gold playing the strength & defence mini-games within the warriors guild ( the easiest 2 and ur def & str are under 70 ).