In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, players don’t have to train their characters to level 120 to experience the most challenging endgame contents. Because the game designer introduced level squish in this expansion, players only need to level up to 10 and choose any old expansion, then reach level 50 among them to enter Shadowlands to start a new adventure. This is good news both for players and developers - players can save a lot of time to experience World of Warcraft Classic Gold what they really like, and developers can invest more energy to shape a new core world. According to the currently published news related to World of Warcraft, Blizzard basically will not choose to create a new area based on the old area. On the contrary, all existing areas in the game will become one of the endgame contents, and new world missions, bosses, dungeons, and raids will appear in these areas. This gives those old players a reason to explore these areas again, while new players have more targets to explore.

Suddenly, World of Warcraft's leveling won't desire an odd amalgam of low-res zones populated by high-res characters huddled up to newer high-res zones beside low-res cities. The juxtaposing quality makes for a bizarre leveling experience currently, and while Shadowlands does well to repair plenty of those issues, the most issue of the old world feeling, well, old, will still linger. On top of that, Blizzard has given itself an excellent reason to try to this additionally. With over sixteen years of game knowledge, they might make positive improvements to a number of the sparser zones within the game while still retaining the sanctity of the primary expansions.

But what could happen to cause such drastic changes? Surely ten-or-so years within the future would just have some vines growing over the foremost cities, right? Well, not exactly. With the Helm of Domination shattered by Sylvanas, the undead don't have any master to any extent further. They are doing not follow the Lich King and may, in fact, roam free and cause havoc. With the players (and many of the faction's most prominent leaders) gone, they might wreak chaos across the whole lot of Azeroth. Necropolises float across the sky, undead roam the streets of Stormwind and serene zones like Winterspring become hotbeds of plague and death. The player's job, theoretically, would be to avoid wasting these areas and, during a strange turn of events, find and crown a brand new Lich King who can rule over the undead, or even perhaps recreating the crown that has wrought such a lot destruction. This might pose interesting ethical questions while also dosing some older players in loads of nostalgia.

Of course, the above content is the imagine of players. Blizzard may not handle the problems that these changes may cause in such a simple way. For most game developers, it is easier to put the old world aside and spend more experience designing a more spectacular and interesting new world. But this is not Blizzard's style, they are more inclined to make all the content in the game have sufficient meaning and hope that the story in the game can give players an immersive experience. This is also the main reason why World of Warcraft Classic can be so successful, because some content in the old world may still affect the current game. Of course, it is also necessary to provide players with new content and challenges, because this can promote more progress in technology and design concepts.

Judging from the expansions that have been released so far, Blizzard is addicted to a fixed model. Whenever a new expansion is released, players will find new powerful enemies in the game. Players need to further enhance the character's combat power through new contents to win this battle, and then wait for the emergence of the next new evil force. And Shadowlands changed this, players can choose which one he likes most among multiple expansions, which is worth trying for new players. Just to mention, MMOWTS knows the most serious problem facing WOW Classic players, that is, the serious lack of Vanilla WOW Gold. Players need to collect a large amount of WOW Classic Gold in order to purchase the items they need most in the game, including mounts and potions. MMOWTS is a trusted WOW Classic Gold supplier, where you can buy the cheapest products and enjoy the best quality service.