Hello all, I'm half-way through Hero's Quest. I need assistance in obtaining the masterthief's armband. I'm in OSRS gold the BLACK ARMGANG and need assistance from the Pheonix Gang. Ability to defeat an Ice Queen level 111 (I have tried it and it's really simple using 43 Prayer (Protect from melee).

To Kill Green Dragons Only two methods are possible to kill Green Dragons: Chaos Tunnels and Green Dragons in level-20 Wilderness. The Chaos Tunnels' Green Dragons contain Baby Black Dragons that will eat your food supply. Wilderness contains just Green Dragons. There is also the possibility of Revenants.

The Chaos Tunnels are located close to Edgeville as well as the Grand Exchange. The Green Dragons in Wilderness are a long walk to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold Varrock however, they are a short walk to Bounty Hunter. Green Dragons living in the Wilderness are about 10 Green Dragons, while there are typically only a handful. Green Dragons within Chaos Tunnels have very few people but only 3 Dragons.