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Electronic Arts and Maxis Announce, as part of the campaign Discover your ego with the sharing and creative Influencer Bret man Rock together to invite everyone to discover the different pages of his personality in the Sims 4 completely free.

I've played the Sims as a child, and I'm more than enthusiastic to work with the brand and encourage others to discover and celebrate their numerous facets, explains Bret man Rock. In the Sims I can try many versions of myself in a world without limits and conviction, and I want everyone else to experience how liberating and exciting that is. Be, who you want, Date who you want, dress you, as you like. Come and discover me in the Sims with me!

The SIMS 4 has always offered players with the opportunity to explore and express the various versions of their ego to discover and express the different versions of their ego produced by them to discover the stories they created by them. For the campaign Discover your ego the Sims has entered into a collaboration with Bret man Rock.

The internet star with more than 50 million followers is known for its liveliness, its vibrant personality and its okay attitude. This collaboration should support players to welcome the chaos associated with self-defining, and joining ideas, experiences and the many versions of themselves that they could not explore in real life.

As part of the campaign discover your ego inspired by classic coming of age-sitcoms, spectators meet several versions of Bret man Rock: a Gothic teenager, a naughty father, a maternal family head, an excited astronaut and an urban cowboy All of them live together in a large, crazy house — such a thing can only be in one of the SIMS family.

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The SIMS is continuously working to create a platform that can explore and discover players without limits, explains Julia Victor, Senior Director, Head of Fire at the Sims. Bret man Rock is a proponent of staying true to himself, and together we hope for players in this coming of age chaos full of exceptional situations and new possibilities to let off and feel encouraged to become the many sides of their personality Discover — both in the Sims and in real life.

The Sims and Bret man Rock work with global talents to help players find their Sim selves on TikTok with a timed, customizable branded Effect filter. As part of the Hashtag Challenge, you can try various Sims-inspired personalities such as Pastel Goth or Mermaid core using Augmented Reality. If you reveal your new one, a themed-based effect is activated to enhance the broadcast of the chosen persona.

Players are invited to share their own stories on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok their own stories about how the Sims helped them to discover their ego.

The official video with Bret man Rock is available here:

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