A recent leak from Genshin Impact is teasing a notably different entrance path to Fontaine, shifting the arrival towards the game's newest region.

A new leak from Genshin Impact may reveal how players will first arrive towards the game's next major region of Fontaine, markedly not the same as previous rumors. With the HoYoverse RPG launching Version 3.6 early a week ago, the developer introduced the most recent expansion towards the game's playable area, expanding the Sumeru desert towards the north. The Sumeru desert update has previously been hinted at because the last addition towards the region before the game launches Fontaine since it's the fifth major playable area in Version 4.0. Now, players are becoming a better concept of how they will arrive at Fontaine.

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Fontaine has seen several rumors and leaks hinting at what to anticipate from Genshin Impact's next new region. In-game lore in addition to leaks has presented the domain from the Hydro Archon as a highly technologically-advanced civilization having a central theming of "justice." Several leaks have previously revealed in-game models for future playable characters in the Fontaine region with recent rumors suggesting you will make a look and feel in the upcoming Version 3.7. Now, the road to Fontaine might be taking a different route than originally expected.

An update from prominent Genshin Impact leaker group Team China has revealed more details about how players will arrive towards the Hydro region in Version 4.0. The post, shared by Genshin leaker Tao, says the path to the region will lead players to Fontaine in the game's newest region of Sumeru. The update may come as previous leaks heavily suggested Liyue could be receiving an update before Version 4.0, using the rumored Qiaoying Village to serve because of the entrance to Fontaine.

Fontaine serves because the largest of countless new areas heavily rumored to become coming to Genshin Impact within the near future, with a few being closer than the others. Leaks from Genshin Impact's Version 3.8, likely to launch in July, have teased a brand new limited-time region visiting Teyvat. Mondstadt and Liyue are also heavily rumored to become receiving expansions shortly. Mondstadt's Dornman Port is expected to become introduced like a northern port town and Liyue's Qiaoying Village is speculated to be within the region's northwestern corners.

While players it's still waiting some more months for the arrival of Fontaine, HoYoverse looks to possess plenty available to keep fans occupied. Version 3.6, along with using the new addition to Sumeru, saw two characters join the roster with Baizhu and Kaveh as two new Dendro users. The game's newest element will get another participant with Kirara revealed like a Dendro Sword user from Inazuma coming with Version 3.7. Between new characters and new regions, Genshin Impact is placed to grow substantially through the rest of 2023.

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