Two road games were played by the Browns this season which were both decided by a single score. I suppose that should indicate that Madden nfl 22 coins this game will also be decided by one score.

The next miracle he's going need to tackle is finding out how to win a game in the pacific time zone. That's something that the Browns have struggled with. Over the last 10 visits to the west, the Browns have gone 1-9 straight-up and only won in 2012. That's just like 27 coaches ago for the Browns.

A QB who's accuracy is poor will be joined by the Browns for this game. Baker Mayfield, who completed 90.5 percent of his passes in Week 2 against the Texans and has lost the ability to throw the ball. Over the past two weeks combined, Mayfield has thrown 30 incompletions (34 of 64) and has completed only 53.1 percent of his throws. Of the 30 missed passes, I'm pretty sure 29 of the missed passes were thrown directly over Odell Beckham's head in Sunday's game against Minnesota.

You may have noticed that the Chiefs were not able to attempt a punt in Week 4. In actual in the Chiefs' win over Philadelphia was only the fourth occasion in NFL history that a game ended with two teams playing together for ZERO punts.

The reason I bring it up is because the Chiefs punter might be interested in doing so and may be planning to take off this week. Matt Haack, the Bills punter, might also want to take a day off. There will be fewer punts this Sunday, because this game is a battle between two of the top scoring NFL teams. Each of the Chiefs and Bills have scored 33.5 points per game this year which ranks second place in the league.

Both teams sport the highest scoring offense. It will come down to which defense is superior. The Kansas City defense is unjustly compared to the defense of Kansas City. There is a difference between one and the other, and it seems unfair.

The Chiefs haven't been able to stop anyone this season. They've surrendered the most yards and points in the NFL over the last four weeks. However they've also given up the least amount of yards. Bills have allowed most points in the NFL this season (just 11 points per game) and they've outscored their past three opponents by a total score of 118-21. They've also pitched two shutouts during the first four weeks. This is a feat that is nearly unheard of in NFL history.

Regarding the Super Bowl: I chose the Chiefs to make it to the Super Bowl in each year (2019, 2020) of cheap mut coins madden 22 the AFC. But, this year I did not choose for them as I picked the Bills. Which I believe means that I must pick the Bills for this game.