As you enter your 40s, many of you may have started to notice new skin problems such as sagging, dryness, and dead skin cells. In order to prevent these problems from becoming serious, it is a good idea to take early action with special care using a facial device. However, there are many types of facial massager such as RF and EMS lift-up facial equipment, facial steamers, and facial rollers, and there are also many manufacturers such as Yaman and MTG. There are also many different manufacturers, such as Yaman, MTG, etc. It's hard to decide which one you should buy after reading reviews.

Taiga Trading Beapro Water Peeling/EMS Facial Beauty Equipment

Improve your skin with water peeling and EMS

The water and ultrasonic vibration removes unwanted keratin, and the remaining dirt is absorbed by the power of ions. The roller on the other side of the device has an EMS micro-current that helps tighten the skin and make it easier for the serum to penetrate into the keratinized layer. It can be charged via USB and is cordless when in use, making it convenient for travel.

It is useful when you want to achieve a flawless skin while thoroughly treating dead skin cells.

Best Corporation M.N.K. TonySure

From Korea! Easy to switch and easy to use.
This facial device from Korea has two functions: plasma ions and galvanic, a fine electric current. You can easily switch between the two by simply changing the tip on the head, and the different approaches will lead to firmer and healthier skin. It also supports the penetration of cosmetics into the stratum corneum.

It is ideal for those who value ease of use and functionality.

L&L Skin MIO2 Face Massager

This facial massager with acupuncture needles is easy to use and incorporates the acupuncture therapy of Oriental medicine. It comes with 144 needles, which can be rolled over the skin for a pleasant stimulation. If you use it around your eyes or other areas where you are concerned about stiffness, it will help to reduce swelling and refresh your skin.

This product is recommended for those who want to improve their makeup application in the morning and for those who want to use it easily.

What should I keep in mind when using a facial toner?

Before using a facial toner, read the instruction manual carefully. If you use it incorrectly or over-care for your skin, you may end up overloading your skin. So be sure to follow the instructions on how to use it properly and how often.

Also, don't forget to clean your facial device after use. Wipe off the gel and wash it with water if possible to keep it clean.

What is the ideal time to use a facial toner?

The ideal time to use a facial care device is when you have the time to carefully care for the areas of concern.

In terms of continuing care, you can choose a certain time, such as after taking a bath, and incorporate it into your daily routine.