Tangas and Distec, a German company, are collaborating to bring solid-state, programmable haptic technology to the industrial market. According to the companies, this will be a first for the industry and a first for the solid-state industry in general. Distec is a market-leading company in the solid-state technology industry with over a decade of experience.

A collaboration between Distec in Germany and Tanvas, a developer of haptic technology based in the United States, has resulted in the company now offering fully finished industrial touch monitors with software-defined tactile textures and haptic effects, according to the company. Tanvas is a developer of haptic technology based in the United States, and Distec is a manufacturer of haptic technology based in Germany, with its headquarters in Berlin. Tanvas and Distec are both headquartered in the United States. Distec is a German company that specializes in haptic technologies. The company was founded in 1997.

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A haptic feedback technology such as electromechanical or vibrotactile haptics (which were previously used to provide haptic feedback on touchscreens) is not recommended for use with IP-rated human-machine interfaces because the front glass must be moved in order for the interface to function properly.

With its name coming from Northwestern University in the United States, this non-contact technology was developed due to the absence of any moving parts and is completely non-contact as a result. TanvasTouch is a trademark of Northwestern University that is used with permission. It was developed at Northwestern University in the United States and is completely non-contact as a result of the absence of any moving parts. It is easy to distinguish friction changes even when there is no visual distraction to divert the observer's attention away from the object under consideration because fine textures, edges, and bumps are perceived as fine textures, edges, and bumps, and thus are easy to distinguish. A user's index and middle fingers can be used to slide their finger across the surface of a computer screen, resulting in an almost limitless number of effects. As a result of the use of an API, individual users can have their haptic feedback tailored to their specific needs and preferences. In addition to allowing for customization of the haptic feedback's behavior, the API also allows for customization of the feedback's size and positioning............................

To keep up with the market's shift toward lighter, thinner, and more flexibleTFT display in the industrial applications market, which is currently under way, advancements in hapticity technology are required. It is necessary for hapticity technology to keep pace with the market's shift toward lighter, thinner, and more flexible displays in the industrial applications market, just as the market itself must shift toward lighter, thinner, and more flexible displays. TanvasTouch allows for the creation of multiple zones on a single surface, and it can also be used in conjunction with force haptic technology to prevent an unwanted operation or action from occurring. TanvasTouch is a surface that allows for the creation of multiple zones on a single surface. In the case of TanvasTouch, multiple zones can be created on a single surface, allowing for greater flexibility in design. In order to prevent an unwanted operation or action from occurring, the use of a technique known as TanvasTouch can be employed. TanvasTouch is a technique that is used to prevent an unwanted operation or action from occurring.

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Over the course of more than three decades in business, Distec has established itself as one of the leading German specialists in TFT flat screens and system solutions for industrial and multimedia applications. The company is still a leader in this field. Distec has established itself as a leading innovator in the field of advanced solutions thanks to its more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge products such as component parts, TFT flat-screen monitors, embedded boards, systems, and services. Distec, which has its headquarters in Dresden, is a world-class company in the field of information and communication technology. Dresden serves as the organization's headquarters. Distec is a German company with a global presence in the electronics industry. The company was founded in 1982.

As a member of the Fortec Group, it has a proven track record in the financial services industry. Established in Germering, close to Munich, the company has a manufacturing facility in Hörselberg-Hainich, near Eisenach. The company's headquarters are also in Germering, close to Munich. Information about the organization that is in-depth:Fortec Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fortec Group of companies. Fortec Corporation was founded in 1989. It was in 1989 that the Fortec Corporation was established. The Fortec Corporation was established in 1989, and it has been in operation since then. Additional product refinements, such as optical bonding and monitor system assembly, are available through Distec's Germering design center. Both of these services are performed in-house by the company's design center. Distec is a leading provider of finished goods manufacturing services in the United States and Canada. Distec, in addition to providing a wide range of services, also develops hardware and software to support those services.

The dust, water, fire, and impact resistance of the industrial touch monitors that we manufacture are all characteristics of the products we manufacture. However, the use of haptic feedback broadens the capabilities of our products by introducing an entirely new dimension to their design. In the words of Matthias Keller, Managing Director of Distec, the company specializes in the manufacture of industrial touch monitors that are dustproof and water resistant as well as fire and impact resistant in their natural state. Shock-resistant industrial touch monitors are also available from us in various configurations. Achieving this level of functionality by including haptic feedback in our devices, on the other hand, takes them to an entirely new level of functionality. Distec, a world-class manufacturer with a long history in the production of industrial touch monitors and other related products, is also a supplier of such products. Distec is particularly focused on the automotive industry, which is one of its primary markets. In the opinion of the researcher, this technology, which combines the versatility of displays with the haptic benefits of physical buttons on our monitors, allows us to provide a more satisfying user experience. Due to the ease with which the feature can be integrated, the overall system architecture does not become any more complex as a result of its inclusion. When combined with the ability to display haptic structures on a touchscreen and a stainless-steel enclosure with a water- and dust-resistant front, the company's upcoming industrial monitors are expected to be recognized as pioneers in the field of industrial monitors as soon as the technology is put into practice.

When it comes to electroadhesion-based surface haptics, the use of moving parts in a device is not necessitated by its application, said Alex Kessler, Tanvas, Inc.'s Head of Business Development for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, who spoke at the event. The elimination of vibration, air gaps, and ceiling limits allows for a greater variety of textures and tactile effects to be achieved, as well as a greater variety of textures and tactile effects to be achieved, all while eliminating the issues that caused the problems in the first place. Our collaboration with Distec aims to make new technology and modern interfaces more accessible to a wider range of people by providing low and mid-volume purchases. This demonstrates our commitment to assisting businesses in the development of applications that are customized to meet their specific requirements. The TanvasTouch technology has a wide range of potential applications outside of industrial settings. Some examples include automobiles, home automation, and virtually any commercial TFT display or smart surface that can be programmed, just to name a few.

POS-PRO monitors and panel PCs from Distec Corporation will be compatible with TanvasTouch, according to the company. The POS-PRO monitors and panel PCs will be available starting in February 2022. The PRO Series lineup will initially consist of a model with a screen size of 7 inches, with the goal of eventually including all of the PRO Series sizes, which range in screen size from 7 to 15.6 inches. Depending on the specific requirements and specifications of the project in question, various additional dimensions are available on an as-needed basis and on an individual basis, depending on the project in question.