Search for them in Edgeville Dungeon and Taverley Dungeon. Particularly susceptible to Ranged weapons Combat level 13 Chaos druids are an easy prey. Be cautious though as chaos druids spot are often haunted players who kill, so carry only those items that are essential to combat and take one-click teleporter on RuneScape gold hand in case you need it. There are no special requirements apart from membership.

While there are two methods to approach the hunt However, only the safer method will be discussed here since it is the more profitable option. The other involves roaming the Wilderness and thereby requiring the hunter to risk his/hers spoils to ambushes of killers.

Once again, completing the Dragon Slayer II quest is required, along with you must have a combat level of 80 or more or 60 Ranged proficiency level, and 25 prayers skill levels are essential. When it comes to buy OSRS GP the gear, get runic-grade or higher melee or ranged armor, ant dragon or dragonfire shield as well as amulets of Glory and Mythical cape.