The ring joint gasket is known for its short RTJ. SUNWELL provides a full range of ring joint gaskets, standard and customized ring joint gaskets. Ring gaskets are widely used in valve and pipeline engineering in oil refining, 
petrochemical, oil field drilling, petroleum, natural gas, and petrochemical industries. And rings are generally used for high pressure and high temperature applications.

Ring joint gaskets are suitable for pipe flanges, pumps, and valve joints under high temperature and high pressure environments. Metal sealing rings for high pressure and high temperature applications are installed in ring groove 

They are designed to seal by initial line contact or wedging between the mating flanges in the gasket. The bolt force exerts pressure on the sealing interface, and the softer metal of the gasket flows into the fine structure of the 
harder flange material, thereby forming a very tight and effective seal. The standard ring joints are manufactured in accordance with the dimensions and grades of API 6A and ASME B16.20.