Error-free bookkeeping became feasible after the introduction of QuickBooks in the market. Small businesses use this software to track their sales and keep a record. QuickBooks can successfully execute employee payroll and even keep a record of employee data. But under some conditions, the software can develop internal errors that can affect the functioning of the software adversely. QuickBooks payroll error 15102 is a relative problem that interrupts while downloading updates for payroll service or the software. If you are also stuck with this update error in your QuickBooks, continue reading the blog to find out the causes of its occurrence & the method to resolve it.

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About the issue

You might experience this error when you proceed with the update while the shared download is on and the location specified to install the update is invalid or QuickBooks doesn’t have permission to access it. Due to this failed access to the location, QuickBooks isn’t able to proceed with the update and casts an error message, “Failed to reset update,” on your screen. You’ll have to fix this error before downloading the payroll updates again.

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The following conditions may be responsible for this error on your QuickBooks- 

  • The shared download is on, but QuickBooks fails to access the location specified on workstations for installing the update.
  • The User Account Control settings are not allowing the installation of the update on your computer.
  • Some background processes of QuickBooks are being interrupted by active antivirus/Firewall on your PC.


The following procedure can help you tackle this error in QuickBooks-

Solution- Verify the specified file location is correct

This error is likely to occur if QuickBooks fails to access the location set for the installation. Follow the steps given below to make sure the location is valid-

  1. Run QuickBooks and open the Product Information Window by pressing Ctrl+1 on your keyboard. Take note of the file path mentioned.
  2. Click on Help and select Update QuickBooks.
  3. Go to the Options tab and check that the Download location is correct by checking the conditions below-
  • If you’ve selected Yes¬ for shared download- The drive set as the Download location must be identical to the location in the Product Information Window.
  • If you’ve selected No for shared download- The directory in the download location must be similar to the QuickBooks Desktop installation directory.

4. If you find that the download location is incorrect, select from the steps below to proceed-

  • If Yes is selected for shared download, change it to No and click Save.
  • If No is selected for shared download, change it to Yes and click Save.

5. Tap Close and retry downloading the latest tax table updates.

The issue will be fixed after using this method.


We have reached the end of this blog that describes the conditions for QuickBooks payroll error 15102 to develop and the QB recommended procedure to eliminate it. We hope the procedure was easy to follow and the error is now fixed in your QuickBooks.

If any issues remain, get them sorted by speaking to a QB expert at +1-855-948-3646.

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