IOS 14 has given iPhone customers the capacity to Animal Crossing Items customise their domestic monitors and upload widgets. Twitter consumer and fashion designer okpng put together some of Animal Crossing icons and wallpapers that make domestic screens appear to be they are directly out of Tom Nook's pocket. This works on each iOS (updated to iOS 14) and Android gadgets.

The icons are smooth enough to update. On iOS, go to the brand new Shortcut app and comply with the button activates to choose the app icon you need to replace to and choose a photograph to replace it with. You need to save your new icons on your phones picture app before looking to update the icons. The wallpaper will need to be manually modified as nicely. Android users will need something like the Nova Launcher to update their home display screen icons.

Now all we want is a way to earn Nook Miles with those fancy new Animal Crossing phones.