If the suspension can control and optimize body motion and tire grip, while smoothing road impact and driver input through the steering wheel, the car will drive faster, safer and improve ride quality.

The shock absorber plays a key role in the function of the suspension and has a significant impact on the overall handling performance and ride quality of the car. Shock absorbers are also called dampers, because their role is to cushion 
the impact or control the movement of the body and suspension when the body undulates and bumps.

Suspension springs carry the weight of the car, and for a given road input, will determine how much movement the car is likely to have. If the suspension is too soft or too tight, it will impair the performance of the car, passengers and 
steering wheel. By finding the right suspension balance, the driver can bring the power of the engine to the ground by operating the steering wheel, optimize tire grip and braking, and improve speed and safety.