Acousto-optic deflectors (AODs) are devices that use sound waves to control the direction of laser beams. AODs are widely used in laser beam control applications, including microscopy, lithography, and laser machining. AODs enable fast and precise control of laser beam direction, allowing for high-speed scanning and positioning. They are also used in beam shaping and splitting, which enables the creation of complex laser beam patterns for various applications.


One of the most significant advantages of Acousto-Optics Devices is their ability to provide non-mechanical scanning, which enables fast and precise positioning without the need for physical movement. This is especially important in microscopy applications, where mechanical movements can cause vibration and disturbance, resulting in image distortion. In addition to their use in scientific research, AODs have found numerous applications in industrial settings, including laser machining and material processing. They are also used in laser-based communication systems, where they enable precise beam steering and modulation.

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