Is it worth to NBA 2K20 MT Coins buy NBA 2K20 right now?

I really don't know if I could ask questions. There is an offer on Steam and now I am planning to Purchase Legend Edition. That is my first time playing online so I would love to know if 2K20 is worth. I only play offline myCareer before and I think I want to try myTeam or myPark. Would you guys give me a few hints and suggestions or some other advices? I wouldn't even bother using NBA 2K on PC unless you merely want to play MyLeague (the reason I've got the PC version). Park is filled with hackers and MyTeam economy is horrible because of how cheap MT would be to purchase. I would get it for offline play.

There is a mod menu you'll be able to find that lets you mess with badges and match speed. Lets you green each shot. While it doesn't work in park, it lets you grind your character out very quickly. MyTeam encounter on PC is a tragedy for the very same reasons mentioned previously. Since you can earn VC so fast the market is in a very bad place. And of course that the cards from MyTeam are broken at this point its not worthwhile. (You can have a 7 footer or taller at every position). I enjoy MyLeague due to the community made challenges and items you can do. Being able to build your dream roster and play sim their way into a championship is extremely enjoyable. If it isn't a sim.

Beware it was running on graphics so I needed to receive a refund and that I obtained 2k. Do not know what exactly was wrong with it but I can run another game. I will get 60fps on ultra so that may not be a problem for me. I must have been able to as well. I am saying it is a chance. It may have been a rare problem but it into. I am a console NBA 2K participant but I heard NBA 2K stinks on PC. Also a lot of glitches and mods that destroy the experience that is internet and difficult to find games due to density servers.

I always thought you and anybody can play regardless of what platform you perform in. I may need to recon buying this for pc. In case you have a console I would def get it for console. NBA 2K is just 5 dollars at this time. PC is able to allow you to get familiarized with NBA 2K, but it is a show and 2K doesn't bother to fix it. I don't have a console PC for the time being. And I'm from Asia so I have to pay a little more because of money that is why I am being very cautious about buying online games.

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