We are a HALLOWEEN LIGHTS MANUFACTURERS, let’s share with you a little story about the origin of the name Halloween!

  Halloween, on November 1st of each year, is a traditional Western holiday; and October 31st, the eve of Halloween, is the most lively time of this holiday. [1] In Chinese, Halloween is often translated as All Saints' Day (All Saints' Day). [2]

  To celebrate the advent of Halloween, children will dress up as cute ghosts and knock on doors from house to house, asking for candies, otherwise they will trick or treat. At the same time, it is said that on this night, various ghosts and monsters will dress up as children and mix into the crowd to celebrate the coming of Halloween, and humans will dress up as various ghosts in order to make the ghosts more harmonious.

  Origin of the name

  Halloween English is All Saints Day, one of the Catholic and Orthodox holidays, and is a traditional holiday in Western countries. Chinese-speaking areas often mistake Halloween for Halloween. "Hallow" comes from the Middle English halwen, which is very close to the etymology of holy. In some areas of Scotland and Canada, Halloween is still called "All Hallow Mas". On that day, the Mass to be held was to celebrate all the saints (Hallow) in heaven. Now the society organizes various activities full of demons and ghosts on the night of October 31 for commercial interests or other purposes, completely deviating from the sacred meaning of Halloween.

  Regarding the origin of Halloween, there are many versions, and the most popular ones are:

  More than two thousand years ago, the Christian churches in Europe designated November 1 as "All Hallows' Day" (All Hallows' Day). "Hallow" means saint. Legend has it that since 500 BC, Celts (Celts) living in Ireland, Scotland and other places moved the festival one day forward, that is, October 31. They think that this day is the day when the summer officially ends, that is, the day when the harsh winter begins at the beginning of the new year. At that time, it was believed that the dead souls of the deceased would return to their former homes to find creatures in the living people on this day, so as to regenerate, and this is the only hope for a person to be reborn after death. The living people are afraid of the dead souls to take their lives, so people put out the fire and candlelight on this day, so that the dead souls can't find the living people, and they dress themselves up as monsters and ghosts to scare away the dead souls. After that, they will reignite the fire and candlelight to start a new year of life.

  Halloween was originally a festival to praise autumn, just like May Day is a celebration of spring. The priests of ancient Gaul, Britain and Ireland, Druids, had a grand festival praising autumn, which lasted a whole day from midnight on October 31st to November 1st. They think that on that night their great god of death, Saman, summoned all the ghosts of those who died that year, and that these evil spirits would be punished by being entrusted as animals. Of course, just thinking of such ghostly gatherings was enough to scare the simple-minded fools at that time. So they lit up a bonfire that soared to the sky and watched these evil spirits closely. This is how the saying that there are witches and ghosts everywhere on Halloween. So far in some isolated areas of Europe, there are still people who believe this is true.

  The ancient Romans also had a festival on November 1, which was used to pay tribute to their goddess Pomona. They roasted nuts and apples in front of a blazing campfire. Our Halloween seems to be a combination of the ancient Romans’ holiday and the Druid’s holiday.

  The activities of Halloween turned out to be very simple, and most of them took place in the church. But throughout Europe, people see Halloween as an opportunity to have fun, tell ghost stories, and frighten each other. So people no longer use this festival to praise autumn, but turn it into a festival of gods, witches and ghosts.

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