Do you have total dedication to becoming a professional online music promotion and making it in the music business? If so,Guest Posting you are in the right place. Fact is, 99% of all musicians who pursue music careers fail. However, you do not need to be one of those musicians! For the most part, musicians who fail in the music industry do so because they unknowingly follow the (false) advice of non-professionals (as I explained in another article I created on the topic of  However, once you read this article you will avoid this problem by learning the main factors for your success in the music business.


On the other hand, online music promotion  who build and sustain successful music careers utilize an entirely different set of skills, thought processes and values that help them achieve music business success. These things are not music business secrets that are only available to rock stars and music industry executives – anyone can learn and utilize them (this includes you). Throughout the rest of this article I will discuss these various qualities and help you understand how you can use them to benefit your personal music career.



Contrary to what you might first think, learning to play your instrument at a ‘professional’ level isn’t included in the list below. Why? Because it is a ‘given’ that you must be working towards that goal already every day. In addition, your musical abilities (on their own) will not be enough to guarantee your success in the music business. Fact is, there are countless musicians who can play extremely well, but nevertheless do not build a successful music career... so it is clear that musical talent alone can only take you so far.



The majority of the material covered below deals with your own way of thinking rather than the things you ‘do’. Most people do not think in a way that will lead them to a high level of success in the music industry. However, you CAN learn and develop the right mindset for success with proper training. I know this from personal experience after spending years to develop the right qualities in myself to reach a high level in the music industry. Having reached my own goals in the music industry, I now mentor other musicians around the world to reach success in their own music careers.The following are the most crucial qualities needed for achieving major success in the music industry.



The Ability To Always Think About ‘The Big Picture’



The music business is full of great opportunities as well as obstacles, difficulties and challenges depending on the specific road you take. Regardless of what you do in your music career, you will always have limited resources to work with. To make matters more difficult, you will frequently need to do all your work in advance before you ever reach your ultimate goal.



Unless you are totally clear about where you want to end up in the music business, you will probably be pulled in all different directions that will either take you down a wrong path or drain you of all your energy so that you have no time to work towards anything you really want in your music career.



The musicians who become successful in the music business are always focusing to align their actions up with the end goals they desire most. This gives them the ability to judge what is best for their music career and make the right choice whenever a potential opportunity comes their way. By doing this, they are able to achieve their goals quickly and effectively.



The Ability To Bring More To The Table Than Just Playing Your Instrument



No matter if you are working as an independent musician or together with a music company, you will greatly benefit by knowing how to negotiate, book shows, build a following of fans, put together a tour, communicate effectively, think of profitable business ideas and much more.



Certainly you do not need to be the ‘best’ at all of these things (you should find others who are strong in the areas that you are weak in) and it isn’t always good to attempt to do everything on your own. That said, when you can do these things yourself, you become capable of adding a lot of value to any situation. This gives you the ability to: