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In the words of two notorious horse boxing promoters, "guys, you have to laugh."

Perhaps nothing makes people laugh more than the best comedy films we listed on Dogesflix. Dogesflix has many choices and can give you the kind of laughter you want. Romantic comedy, science fiction comedy, comedy. The best comedy on Dogesflix will let you spend many boring nights.

Looking for savages

When it comes to health, chasing the Wheelers is a charming and funny time for Concorde director Taika wittetti (he often appears on these comedy lists, and I finally learned how to spell his name).

Rich (Julian Denison) is a juvenile delinquent. After his adoptive mother died, he was not brought into the forest by the child protection agency, but fled to the forest of New Zealand. Rich escaped a nationwide chase with the help of Bella's husband Huck (SAM Neil). Looking for the savage is also full of whimsical and emotional. This is a great adventure comedy.


Time plus tragedy equals comedy. Josh took this theory to the extreme. In the first five minutes or so of the film, he tried to change from tragedy to comedy. Josh (Thomas middleitch) is excited to start his life with his fiancee until... Bad things happen.

Four months later, Josh's friends decided to hold his bachelor party and save their brother from the garbage. The group hid in a ranch in Ojai and should have had a pleasant week, but it turned into an exercise against each other's friendship. Josh combines comedy and tragedy, and has a first-class comedy cast.


Do you think you've seen all the superheroes you need to see? If you haven't seen superheroes. "Superhero" and "Hai Bian Wang" were released in the same year. The two superheroes are very similar, creating the dual characteristics of an excellent world weary superhero. Frank (Ryan Wilson) is a sad fried cook. The only highlight of his life is his beautiful wife Sarah (liv Taylor).

When she left him and returned to the life of drugs and other vices, frank, we can say... Overreacted. He took to the streets as klimson bolt, looking for opportunities to commit crimes to defeat them. And his behavior is very violent. Superhero, directed by James Gunn, director of the galaxy guard, really extends the dark side of "black comedy".