Herb runs are the ones that make money. If you don't want to make your bank GF then you should also plant herbs and OSRS GP do them only every time, and when you're bored, you can do them in conjunction with the rest of the trees. Normal trees can be done at least twice per day, but it's your choice.

Here's how I used to do: 5 Fruit trees (Papaya), 5 Regular tree (Maple). Regular: Lumbridge, Varrock, Gnome Stronghold, Falador, Taverly. A fruit patch: Juju Place (Buy a Juju spiritbag and then run straight south, there's a fruit area for the trees), Gnome stronghold, Catherby (theres an herb patch in the middle of the road FFS), Brimhaven (Take the boat from Ardy), And trees: Gnome Stronghold. Supercompost all regular trees and have payments for ALL trees. Paying farmers to remove the regular trees for you can also save a lot of time.

K Ik there are plenty of discussion on thissubject, but what is the best option for me? I thought of breaking all the melee brothers to ensure I don't have to be concerned with praying for them and also melee ahrim/karil. Isn't that a good idea?

I'd suggest getting the 82 mage to play Blitz as well as Karil's xbow Ahrim. Building 50+, and the house having a altar in the home plus a portal for canafis would be wise as well. I have this setup... I have 94 magic, 70 def 86 range, 64 pray, 50 pros.

I make use of prayer pots when required (tunnels only, you shouldn't need them for Karil/dh because the fact that I don't even have one, and Ah is very tankable). Take monks whenever needed. I prefer Barrage (you would normally use blitz) then side-step with the sally method for all brothers except Ahrim. Blitz can be frozen for an additional 4 atts (sally/mage), barrage up to six (sally/mage). After Ahrim, I generally start to exhaust my praying points. So I straight and tank it to Verac, Torag and Guthan (Right before the brother gets unfrozen I quickly switch to Guthan's pl8 or the V skirt).

You can get by with welfare Barrows with less. I use what I use because I have it. If you'd like me offer assistance to you personally with Barrows tubs, I should stay online for time.

At the moment , i'm at 80 Magic and trying to work to plan ahead my 99. I have worked out some different calculations to calculate the costs of various spells below. What I'm interested in is if the method I think would be good is worth pursuing or should I just keep cheap RS gold using the old' alching!