World of Warcraft Classic has been released since 2007, and it is running counter to the original promise of "accept or leave" MMO games. Since its release, Blizzard has made changes to many places in the original game. But the purpose is to allow players to find a good balance between nostalgia and the fun of 2021.

But this weekend, one of the most controversial changes in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic will be tested, allowing players on North American servers to queue up to participate in PvP matches on the battlefield of their own faction. Because the biggest problem in the current game is that no one wants to fight for the Alliance, and this measure is very effective to solve this problem.

After 17 years of change, World of Warcraft's defining feature is still an endless battle between the Alliance and Horde in the game. This is also the main reason why it is very frustrating. Since the game was launched by MMO, all players in the game have been divided into two groups. There are only fights but no interaction between them. Although the two factions will join forces to fight against the common evil experience in the overall story, Horde and Alliance players will not TBC Classic Gold be formed together when conducting dungeons or raids.

In PvP or PvE battles, if the unique abilities of each race will be possessed by different races and help players gain an advantage, then this will not be a problem. For example, the Undead ability Will of the Forsaken, it can make the player immune to charm, sleep, and fear effects within 5 seconds. Therefore, it can help Horde players have Buy TBC Classic Gold a significant advantage in PvP battles, so this is also Undead becoming one of the most popular PvP races.

So whether you choose the Alliance or the Horde, you need to constantly improve your character in the game. Only when the character's strength is high enough, you will have the advantage in the battle. But in this process, players need to spend a lot of TBC Classic Gold, if you only rely on the game to obtain, this process will be very slow. However, players can directly buy them in MMOWTS to help you use them in the game in the shortest possible time.